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Jigs, Tips and Tricks

  1. Best Woodworking Router Jigs

    These innovative jigs make your router or router table even more versatile. These jigs make it possible for your router to cut perfect circles, beautiful dovetail joints, tight box joints and more!

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  2. Best Table Saw Jigs

    table saw jigs

    The table saw is the centerpiece of many woodworking shops. This tool excels at ripping boards and cutting sheet stock to size. It is also very versatile when paired with the right jig. Rockler has designed several innovative table saw jigs that make it safer and easier to cut parts for your projects.

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  3. Making Furniture with Beadlock Floating Tenons

    beadlock jig and tenons

    In this week's Rockler demo, you'll learn how the new Beadlock Pro Jig makes it easy to create floating tenons when you're building furniture. The Beadlock system creates incredibly strong, totally concealed joints with only your hand drill. Just pop the included drilling guide into the jig in the ''A'' position to locate the initial holes, then slide it to the ''B'' position to drill the overlapping holes.

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  4. How to Make a Cribbage Board

    three cribbage boards

    Cribbage is a fun card game. It's easy to make a cribbage board with the Rockler Cribbage Board Drilling Templates . The acrylic cribbage templates let you drill hundreds of neat, precisely spaced holes in just minutes—making it easy to churn out cribbage boards for gifts or personal use. Just select the wood species of your choice and attach the templates.

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  5. How to Use the Rockler Router Fluting Jig

    Huy Huynh and fluting jig

    Repetitive flutes are a great way to add style to columns, molding or furniture parts, but machining them can be a true test of patience. The Rockler Router Fluting Jig makes it fast and easy to rout perfect flutes with even spacing — every time. In this demo video, Alabama Woodworker, Huy Huynh, demonstrates how to set up and use this jig.

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  6. DIY Table Saw Tenoning Jig

    Shop-made table saw tenoning jig

    The cleanest way to cut tenons on a table saw is with workpieces standing vertically. To do it safely, you need a tenoning jig that holds parts upright and securely as you run them through the blade.

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  7. Raised Panel Table Saw Jig

    Making a raised panel with a table saw jig

    The table saw provides an easy way for you to make raised panel doors. All it takes is a simple shop-made sled.

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  8. What is a Shooting Board?

    Edge planing using shooting board as a guide

    What is a shooting board and what is it used for?

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