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Jigs, Tips and Tricks

  1. Building a Wide-body Router Table Fence

    Cutting panel at router table with shop-made fence

    This wide bodied router fence is designed for panel-raising and working with tall pieces and fits nicely on most router tables.

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  2. Make a Table Saw Tapering Jig

    Simple shop-made taper cutting jig

    The standard single-sided tapering jig has one notched edge to hold the workpieces at the angle, with the other side flat against the fence.

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  3. Make a Trivet with Rounded Edges

    mac and cheese resting on trivet

    This small trivet project might seem relatively simple, but it requires some special techniques, tool setups and prep work. A Magswitch Universal Featherboard helps make all the cuts easier and more safe. Featherboards securely hold the workpiece against the fence, freeing up your hands to control the workpiece through the cut.

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  4. Video: Making a Spline Jig

    Cutting small box corner in plywood spline jig

    In this video, Michael Alm builds a spline jig and demonstrates how to use it to spline a miter.

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  5. Understanding Jigs and Fixtures

    Rockler thin rip table saw jig installed on saw

    Most woodworkers are familiar with jigs and fixtures, but in case you're not, they're handy devices that supplement woodworking tools and machinery, usually by helping guide stock or a tool through a cutting, drilling or other machining operation.

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  6. Making a Small Parts Mitering Jig

    Table saw miter cutting jig with t-track

    Working on small parts and thin stock takes a lot of care, this jig gives you a solid tool to keep your fingers safe and make the task smooth.

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  7. How to Use a Shooting Board?

    Planing a board fixed to a shooting board

    What is a shooting board and how is it used?

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  8. 6 Router Jigs Every Woodworker Needs

    These six innovative router jigs make your router or router table even more versatile. These 6 jigs make it possible for your router to cut tight box joints, perfect circles, beautiful dovetail joints, and more! Even a beginning woodworker will be able to safely and quickly produce professional results with these 6 Rockler Router Jigs.

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