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Jigs, Tips and Tricks

  1. Rockler Dovetail Jig Overview

    Unboxing Rockler's dovetail jig

    Take a closer look at the Rockler Dovetail Jig.

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  2. Video: How to Use a Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

     Setting up a table saw jig to make cove cuts

    This jig includes everything you need for safe, easy cove cuts on your table saw in one easy-to-use package.

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  3. Rockler Innovation – Precision Miter Gauge

    Rockler's miter gauge set up on a table saw

    An error of only a fraction of a degree can amount to ugly gaps in your corners when building boxes and frames.

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  4. Video: Routing Slots Through a Workpiece

    routing a slot with a straight router bit

    Learn how to cut a centered slot through a thick workpiece without needing an extra long router bit to extend through the entire workpiece.

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  5. Video: Woodturning with Green Wood or Dried Bowl Blanks

    shaping a green bowl blank on a lathe

    Learn how to turn bowls from green wood or seasoned wood bowl blanks.

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  6. Video: Why Are Woodturning Blanks Coated in Wax?

    drying out a waxed bowl blank

    When you shop for woodturning blanks, many of them are coated in wax. Should you scrape off the wax before turning? Leave the wax on the blank?

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  7. How To Price Your Woodworking Projects

    cherry wood accent table

    Everybody agrees that masterful woodcraft comes at a price, what that price should be is the subject of a lot of debate. Have you ever wondered what to charge for something you made? Virtually every handmade product has a “right price.” Charge more and it won’t sell; charge less and you’re losing money.

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  8. Protect Your Health with Shop Air Filtration

    jet air filtration system

    If you have a dust collection system in your shop, you may think you’re in complete control of your workshop dust situation. In reality, you’re only half way there. Unfortunately, dust collection systems don’t often do a very good job with the most pernicious aspect of the dust control problem: fine dust particles. And many actually make matters worse by letting minute particles of dust pass through their filter.

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