Cutting through a table saw jig with sandpaper adhered to it

Can the sandpaper attached to a cutting jig damage your table saw blade?

I have seen the use of PSA sandpaper being used on a number of shop jigs where it is sawn through for a zero clearance backing. This is done to keep the piece from creeping while cutting. My question is how abrasive is this on the carbide saw blades? I know that it takes either silicon carbide or diamond wheels to sharpen carbide. With the new abrasives they may be coming close to the hardness of silicon carbide (wet or dry sandpaper). Is the abrasion minimal where the benefit of the piece not slipping offsets any additional wear? Thank you. — Bill Linamen

Chris Marshall: Once you make the first kerf cut through the sandpaper, additional wear on your blade teeth from the sandpaper should drop to nearly nil. I wouldn't worry about it. PSA sandpaper makes a great "grippy" surface on cutting jigs. I've used it myself on numerous occasions, and I haven't noticed any appreciable blade dulling as a result. It's a good enhancement for better workpiece stability during cutting.