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Table saw push devices are a key piece of woodworking safety gear. Push sticks and push blocks keep your hands a safe distance away from the table saw blade. You can make your own push stick or push block out of scrap stock. You can also purchase manufactured push devices that serve multiple functions.

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Table Saw Push Sticks & Push Blocks - Video Transcript

Speaker The table saw is a versatile, hard-working powerhouse in a shop but it demands respect. Push devices help you work safely by guiding the workpiece as it passes over the blade. Now, you can buy them or you can make your own. You should have an assortment either way you shake it. Now, this one, for instance, is for very narrow pieces of stock. Over here, it has an adjustable foot, so that can accommodate different thicknesses of stock. This is a push device with a rubber face. The nice thing about this particular piece is that it can do double duty. For instance, if you do not have a guard over your blade, you can actually use this over the blade. It'll clear it, and it'll also keep your fingers safe as you push the wood along.

You can buy plastic push sticks for just a few bucks, and that's cheap insurance considering it helps keep your fingers from getting too close to the blade. Whether it's a homemade push stick or a store-bought push block faced with rubber, see them for what they are, digital safety devices. As in your digits, fingers.