sanding bowls and faceplate turnings on a lathe video screenshot

Learn how to sand your bowl and faceplate turning projects smooth.

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Sanding Bowls & Faceplate Turnings On A Lathe - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: With faceplate turning, it’s not if you sand, but how much you will sand. In order to speed the process up, use a sanding mandrel with hook-and-loop paper working as the bowl turns. Next comes a combination of an oil finish and final sanding, which increases the sandpaper’s efficiency. It smooths the wood and fills the wood pores with a slurry of oil and wood particulates.

Speaker 2: Now, the last thing I do is grab a handful of shavings or even a piece of paper towel, and I just burnish. This creates a little heat generally and it just makes everything cook into the pores.