A close-up of the Rockler precision miter gauge

Improve your table saw or band saw's miter-cutting accuracy affordably.

If setting your saw's standard miter gauge to a specific angle amounts to a guessing game at best, Rockler's Precision Miter Gauge can improve your accuracy without breaking the bank. This miter gauge has features found on more expensive aftermarket miter gauges, plus a unique way to store it off the saw.

Guiding a lumber cut using a miter gauge
A pair of smaller holes in the miter gauge's head enable scrap fences to be attached to it with screws to improve overall workpiece support.

Its aluminum head is outfitted with an easy-to-read scale displaying single-degree increments. Eleven precision-machined detents set the head to 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45° and 60° in both directions as well as 0°. These detents are easy to lock into place, thanks to a low-profile knob that retracts a spring-loaded stop.

Attaching a small sacrificial fence to a miter gauge

This miter gauge is equipped with an 18" steel miter bar that fits into standard 3/8"-deep, 3/4"-wide miter slots. A removable washer affixed to the front bottom face of the bar prevents the gauge from tipping off the saw table when starting cuts on wide material. Four nylon set screws, embedded in the edge of the bar, enable you to adjust it to your saw's miter slots for a snug fit to eliminate side-to-side play that can affect accuracy.

Cut made with a miter gauge and a sacrificial fence
Two round knobs and T-bolts (included) enable scrap fences with T-slots to be installed on the gauge. Aside from their supportive benefits, these scrap fences also help to eliminate blade tearout during cutting.

Rockler includes a pair of round knobs and 1"-long T-bolts that fit into larger holes in the head, so you can make T-slot style auxiliary fences from scrap material and mount them to the gauge without tools. Or simply drive a pair of conventional panhead or washerhead screws through smaller holes in the head to attach scrap fences that way instead.

Close up of dial stops on Rockler's precision miter gauge
Eleven preset detents lock the gauge to common miter angles. Loosening the round, low-profile knob and pulling it back releases the blue stop for changing settings. A twelfth detent provides for compact storage.

The handle and knobs are covered with rubber overmold to make them more comfortable to use. It's a nice touch at a bargain price.

Simplified Storage

Hanging miter gauge on a workshop pegboard

If your saw doesn't have a way to store a miter gauge, Rockler provides a helpful solution here: just rotate the head left to an 88°detent that aligns and locks the head parallel to the miter bar, and hang the gauge wherever its convenient from a larger hole near the bar's end.

Rockler also offers a 16"-long aluminum Miter Gauge Fence to fit this gauge. The fence features a telescoping arm that extends its length to 24". T-slots mount it to the miter gauge and provide the attachment point for an included melamine-coated MDF sacrificial fence.