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Rockler Cross Lap Jig

Quickly cut the lap joints for latticework, wine racks, torsion boxes, shoji screens and more!

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When you need to cut multiple lap joints with uniform spacing, reach for our Cross Lap Jig. Screw it to your miter gauge and use it with your table saw and a dado stack to cut the half-lap joints for anything with a wooden grid: lattice, wine racks, grilles/mullions for glass doors, and torsion boxes for your workbenches and table tops. The jig's indexing key is width-adjustable for stock ranging from 1/8'' to 3/4'' wide. The distance from the indexing key to the blade determines the spacing of your grid, and is easily adjustable with the ergonomic knobs. Simply make your cut, push the key into the kerf you just made, then make the next cut.


  • Machines the interlocking dadoes for cross lap or half-lap joints
  • Great for latticework, wine racks, torsion boxes, shoji screens and more
  • Indexing key for fast, repeatable cuts, and precise spacing in fixed increments
  • Width of indexing key is microadjustable for stock from 1/8'' to 3/4'' wide (to match width of dado)
(1) Rockler Cross Lap Jig
More Information
Brand Rockler
Weight 2.6500
Tech Spec
  • Range of Stock Widths (width of stickwork when viewing assembled grid face-on): 1/8'' to 3/4''
  • Minimum Thickness of Assembled Grid/Lattice: 1/2''
  • Maximum Thickness of Assembled Grid/Lattice: 2x the height of your dado stack
  • Fence Material: MDF with melamine coating
  • Microadjuster Material: Glass-filled nylon
  • Indexing Pin Material: Aluminum
  • Indexing Pin Height: 0.2''
4.4 / 5.0
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Easy to use
Easy to setup, operate, and provides excellent results. I used this to make dentils for floating shelves. Working on some cross lap projects and this job makes it a very simple procedure.
January 4, 2020
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Jig worked perfectly
Jig worked perfectly. My first try at making a torsion box went smoothly using this jig.
December 30, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
I recommend the cross lap jig it is so easy and accurate to use I should of bought it ages ago it's a pleasure to use thank you Rockler
December 24, 2019
1 month ago
Woodworking Experience:
Works great for box joints
I us mine for making box joints. It does a great job
December 23, 2019
1 month ago
This jig is AMAZING! Super easy to use and set up. I’m not mathematically inclined but once I understood how the jig worked the setup was a breeze. Great accurate results. I’m trying to come up with more designs I can use it on.
User submitted image
Added Aug 7, 2019
August 7, 2019
Woodworking Experience:
Great and priced way below its value
Works great and is a bargain at the price.
May 23, 2019
9 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Excellent results and easy to use
I bought this to make a few inserts for jewelry box drawers. It was very easy to use and setup. Very glad I caught this on sale.
May 17, 2019
Woodworking Experience:
works great
I made the cross lap coffee table, this jig made the cross laps very easy .
May 2, 2019
9 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Rocker cross lap jig
Got it at a good sale price. Haven’t use it yet as a cross lap jig BUT i have used as a box joint jig and it cuts them well. It saves me time and getting out my Rocker box making jig.
May 1, 2019
9 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Cross Lap Jig review
I purchased the Cross Lap Jig to make wine racks to insert into some of the cabinets I make for charity auctions. The detailed instructions were very helpful. Once the jig was assembled I proceeded to make my first wine rack. The jig performed great the joints were dead on. I recommend this product for anyone needing to make repeated lap joints the jig is a time saver.
April 30, 2019
9 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
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I would like to try out a Rockler jig
Edward S on Jan 11, 2020
I create benches with lots of cross lap joints.
Richard H on Jan 1, 2020
I would like to try out a Rockler jig
Edward S on Jan 11, 2020
It is something that I need for a specific project and is easier to use than my original workpiece. Also, I have a number of Rockler jigs and find that anything in the "jig department" makes Rockler my go to store.
Harris M on Jan 4, 2020
I create benches with lots of cross lap joints.
Richard H on Jan 1, 2020
I wanted a jig to make different size finger joints
Andrew S on Dec 31, 2019
I was going to build a small cross Jig but It would of cost me more to build one. Great sales price! I have already built a much large cross lap Jig out of one inch thick MDF board by 42" long several months ago and it cost me a lot more money. Rockler has GREAT products!
Daniel K on Dec 20, 2019
I understand this is the best tool available for make multiple, accurate half lap joints.
Stacy M on Dec 16, 2019
Want to make a wine cabinet for my wife and looking forward too making some cool tables.
Timothy V on Dec 15, 2019
I feel this is a great jig
J B D on Dec 15, 2019
Ease of adjusting cuts
Cindy B on Dec 12, 2019
Husband wanted for Christmas
Gail M on Dec 12, 2019
Christina C on Dec 8, 2019
For kumiko frames and box joints
John H on Dec 7, 2019
I have several projects in mind for this jig.
nsydigs on Dec 7, 2019
wife project
Thomas C on Dec 7, 2019
looks like a nice little jig, Don't see why this cant be used for making boxes.
Jason H on Dec 6, 2019
My son wants this for xmas! He loves your products!
Lila H on Dec 6, 2019
Accuracy of cuts.
Sharon B on Dec 6, 2019
Future project
James L on Dec 5, 2019
I like to make boxes and x-lap jig makes perfect sense.
Willard G on Dec 5, 2019
It has been on some project I am going to work on
Gabriel D on Dec 4, 2019
Future Project
Kevin R on Dec 4, 2019
I wanna make things
Venus A on Dec 3, 2019
some future projects in mind.
cecelia s on Dec 3, 2019
I did not have it.
Edward B on Dec 3, 2019
I am a woodworker I like working with great products like the products I choose from Rockler
Robert G on Dec 2, 2019
to help building torsion boxes
Kathleen B on Dec 2, 2019
Requested by may husband for his workshop.
Sharon B on Dec 2, 2019
Winter is the best time for making and/or repairing bee hives. I need a good jig for the repeated corner joints and Rockler seems to fit the bill.
Jerry J on Dec 2, 2019
Wanted something that I knew was accurate and easy to produce professional results
Carl S on Dec 1, 2019
My son asked for this for Christmas
Donna F on Dec 1, 2019
To make modern style furniture. Great repeatability, accuracy.
Blaine G on Nov 29, 2019
My son is a cabinet maker and saw this in the Rockler catalog. He thought it would be a good addition in his shop and that the price was right. I decided to surprise him with it for Christmas.
Darlene S on Nov 29, 2019
I watched the video on the cross lap jig and instantly thought about the size of boxes that could be made. Box jigs are limited and this, depending on the size of sled you create, you can have more options. Plus, I loved the table and how you can make the honey comb to create a sturdy table.
James on Nov 11, 2019
looks like a cool project
Scott R on Sep 29, 2019
i want to try this jig
M A on Sep 26, 2019
for my table saw.
Anthony R on Aug 27, 2019
Harmonica cases, jewelry box dividers, wine rack.
Dylan C on Aug 23, 2019
wanted one bought one
Nancy Kuney Z on Aug 14, 2019
For a project that I am going to build.
Jeff Y on Aug 7, 2019
Setting up new saw.
John S on Jul 31, 2019
This tool will help me make wooden cases
Theodore B on Jun 21, 2019
Up coming project
Joe S on Jun 13, 2019
Saw it on April Wilkerson web site
Robert M on Jun 10, 2019
I needed a precise and repeatable multiple cross lap cuts, this jig is exactly what I was looking for.
Wai G on Jun 7, 2019
To quickly and accurately cut dado sized slots for storage with perfect spacing
Billy P on Jun 6, 2019
it looks useful, let see how it goes
Alfonso L on May 31, 2019
I have some upcoming projects that will require cross lap sections
Michael A on May 25, 2019
always wanted to try this!
Dennis D on May 24, 2019
simple set up
Jack B on May 7, 2019
Need to make lap joints for a torsion top bench I’m making —
Don B on May 6, 2019
It is something that I need for a specific project and is easier to use than my original workpiece. Also, I have a number of Rockler jigs and find that anything in the "jig department" makes Rockler my go to store.
Harris M on Jan 4, 2020
I wanted a jig to make different size finger joints
Andrew S on Dec 31, 2019
Can this jig also be used to make finger joints or box joints? It seems like it would work for them as well.
greg s on Aug 8, 2018
Can you this to make box joints with this jig?
andy v on Aug 9, 2018
Can this jig be used with a router table that has a miter slot? What if you took multiple passes with a straight bit and increased the depth on each pass?
DONALD R on Feb 3, 2019
Is the jig fence replaceable? It seems it would not take to long to fill it up with notches.
Duane H on Aug 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: We do not sell replacement fences. However, there are instructions and dimensions to make a new fence in the product manual.

Our Rockler T-Slot Cutter Router Bit - 5/8" Dia x 3/16" H x 1/2" Shank (Item 26099) will provide the correct slot for this jig.
Can I download the calculator for the lap jig?
Gdocanndoc G on Aug 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The cross lap calculator is currently hosted online only.
Am a newly woodworking. For scale from 1 to 10 how hard is this item to use?
ruben on Nov 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: At 5. Actually a walk in the park.
Can you use this with a sliding miter saw that has a depth-stop, or on table saws only (my table saw's miter gauge is pretty bad)?
Jim A on Jan 11, 2019
BEST ANSWER: No, only table saw because the cuts are made on the bottom.
Does this work on right tilt saws?
steven s on Jan 2, 2019
It looks like the spacing between dados is adjustable but can the adjustable fingers be set to cut 3/16" wide dados?
D. C on Oct 23, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Each of the adjustable fingers is almost exactly 1/16" thick but when I bring them together on my jig it measures about 1/64" thicker than 3/16". That may very from mechanism to mechanism, but that's how it is on mine.
Does this jig require a dado stack or can it be done with a single blade and multiple passes?
Brian on Oct 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It can be done without the dado. It will take a ton more work without the dado and your margin for error is greatly increased..
Can you cut laps on a 2X4 (2" side) with this jig?
Michael on Jan 16, 2020
BEST ANSWER: The unit comes with a sacrificial fence that is 3” tall. It has a T-slot cut into it. You could make a taller fence out of MDF and route a T-slot into that to cut laps into any reasonably sized piece of wood. It would be rather difficult to cut laps in a fairly large and heavy board simply because of the weight necessary to move the board thru the dado blade while holding it tight to the fence. That being said you probably could recut both pieces of the fence out of heavier MDF to make this easier.
I only have a table saw that doesn’t accept a dado blade. Would it possibly work without a dado or would it be a pain?
TOM C on Mar 8, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I think it would be a waste of your money. The jig is meant to be attached to the miter guide. You might be able to clamp it to the miter guide, but you wouldn’t be able to reproduce the exact width of cut or spacing you get by permanently attaching the jig to the miter guide.
I only have a table saw that doesn’t accept a dado blade. Would it possibly work without a dado or would it be a pain?
TOM C on Mar 8, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It absolutely can be done with this jig. A dado blade is not required. If you are not doing a large volume of work. You won’t find it to be a pain.
Can this jig be used to make dentil?
Craig T on Feb 20, 2019
BEST ANSWER: It's basically a dentil maker as shown in the photo above.
Can you purchase replacement fences ?
John B on Jan 29, 2019
BEST ANSWER: No. However there are instructions that come with it on how to easily make your own.
Can you attach the jig to a mitre sled? I have the incra express sled with 1000HD can I attach the jig to the miter guage that is in the Incra Sled?
Pete on Sep 30, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Not sure. I owned a Kreg miter gauge which just won't work, so I bought an INCRA 27V and mounted it to that.
Regarding the key assembly, what is the height of the keys? I often create shallow half laps for picture frames and am concerned the key height would be too tall.
John A on Mar 22, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I measured with set-up block - almost exactly 1/4".
Again as others have asked without a reply. Can this be used on a Router table? I ask this as i am getting your new plunge saw, table and track and getting rid of my table Saw
Edward on Feb 27, 2019
BEST ANSWER: This jig is designed to make box joints and half-lap joints easily on the table saw or router table
What is the width of the miter gauge track slide slot?
Ben on Dec 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: US standard saw or router track slot: 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep.
Can this be used for finger joins?
Carl on Nov 17, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No, because the edge of the wood has to be on the table saw top, it would be very hard, if not impossible, to hold a long board vertically against the jig and then slide it through the saw blade. It would also result in huge fingers. Rocker, sells a variety of finger joiner jigs.
Can this be used as a box joint jig as well?
DAVID C on Jan 22, 2019
Can this jig be used for other than pure perpendicular joints?
Jim R on Aug 13, 2018
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