cubby cabinet project

We designed this Cubby Cabinet using materials that are readily available on our web site. All materials and quantities are listed in the plan. You could substitute other materials that are cut to the same dimensions.

The dadoes that capture the dividers in the shelves were cut using a portable router mounted to the Rockler Indexing Dado Jig. This jig makes it easy to cut dadoes that are equally spaced.

We finished this project by applying a coat of Antique White Milk Paint over a dark wood stain. After the paint dried we sanded the edges and faces of the cabinet to create an antique finish.

Download the Cubby Cabinet Plan

completed cubby cabinet on wall and sitting on table

This cabinet can be built to hang on a wall or placed on a table, mantel, shelf or other cabinet.

Download the Cubby Cabinet Plan

cubby cabinet materials list

cubby cabinet exploded view
cubby parts list

man routing using indexing jig

The Rockler Indexing Dado Jig makes it easy to rout evenly spaced dadoes.

VIDEO: Watch this demonstration of how to use the Indexing Dado Jig