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Woodworking Joinery

  1. Machine Cut Mortise and Tenons

    Cutting through mortise holes with mortising machine

    Modern machines and jigs simplify and streamline their construction.

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  2. Mortise and Tenon Fundamentals

    Test fitting a mortise and tenon joint

    Mortises and tenons make up one of the most important joints in woodworking. From frame-and-panel doors to table legs and aprons, mortise-and-tenon joints have been hard at work for hundreds of years.

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  3. Butt Joint Variations

    Example of clamping up several boards to create a panel

    Bring two flat surfaces together with glue or other reinforcements, and you've created woodworking's simplest joint.

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  4. Building with Miter Joints

    Artist's representation of a typical miter joint

    Hide end grain elegantly when you join the angled ends and edges of parts together.

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  5. Building with Dovetail Joints

    Drawings of through and half-blind dovetail joints

    Rugged as they are beautiful, these distinctive joints can be made with hand or power tools.

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  6. 6 Must-Have Woodworking Router Jigs

    These six innovative router jigs make your router or router table even more versatile. These 6 jigs make it possible for your router to cut tight box joints, perfect circles, beautiful dovetail joints, and more! Even a beginning woodworker will be able to safely and quickly produce professional results with these 6 Rockler Router Jigs.

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  7. The Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig

    Rockler dovetail joinery cutting jig

    Many woodworkers still think of dovetail joinery as a painstaking craft that takes years of practice to master. That's a little surprising, when specially designed tools and jigs that speed up and greatly simplify the process have been around for years.

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  8. Options for Building Drawers

    Example of a dovetailed drawer with attached face

    As you may have discovered, there are many ways to build a drawer box. What's your favorite? Whatever it is, your method of choice almost certainly reflects the importance you place on durability, aesthetics and last but not least, getting done fast.

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