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Woodworking Joinery

  1. Using a Marking Knife

    Marking joinery layout lines using a marking knife

    Improve your accuracy and cuts with this time-tested hand tool technique.

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  2. Making the Most of the Butterfly Spline Bit

    Close up of a Freud butterfly spline bit

    At first glance, the Butterfly Spline Bit (sometimes called a Butterfly Key Bit) seems like a very simple and limited use tool. But look closer and you can find a lot of useful applications for these splines.

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  3. Dovetail Joint Pin and Tail Patterns

    Diagram of a dovetail joint pin and tail layout

    Add a custom design to an already beautiful joint by adjusting the layout.

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  4. Making Rabbet Joints

    Close-up side view of a rabbet joint

    Understand the many types and applications of rabbet joints.

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  5. How to Handcut Dovetail Joints

    Using a dovetail saw to cut out dovetail sockets

    Making hand cut dovetail joints isn't as challenging as you may fear, thanks to an ingenious aluminum sawing jig.

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  6. Making Non-Permanent Glue Joints 

    Split joint made with paper and glue

    Use a paper joint for joints you can easily take apart.

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  7. Using Your Router to Cut Dado Joints

    Cabinet dado joinery cut with a router

    The router is the one tool that will handle all the dadoing and grooving you'll do in woodworking. The dado is prime-choice joinery. It follows that hoary adage of woodworking, "Use the simplest joint that will work."

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  8. Cutting Rabbets with a Piloted Router Bit

    Using a piloted router bit to make a rabbet cut

    Routing a rabbet is usually not difficult. Use a piloted rabbet bit in your router and guide it to cut perfect rabbets.

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