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  1. Making Spline-miter Box Joints

    Close-up of miter joint with spline

    Splines can add strength and style to mitered box joints.

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  2. Loose Tenon Joinery Basics


    Loose tenon, also commonly referred to as floating tenon or slip tenon, joinery is versatile.

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  3. How to Make a Tongue-and-Groove Joint

    Close-up of tongue and groove joinery

    What do you get when you cross two rabbets with a dado? A simple, multipurpose joint you’ll make again and again.

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  4. Cutting Mortises with a Drill Press

    Mortise joint cut with a drill press

    There are several ways that you can create a mortise. A dedicated mortising machine works very well and a router and mortising jig is fast. But, using a drill press to remove most of the waste and then cleaning it up with a chisel is a quieter method that lets you see exactly what you’re doing every step of the way. And, even a small drill press will do the job nicely.

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  5. How To Cut The Four Basic Rabbet Casework Joints With A Table Saw

    man cutting rabbet joints on a tablesaw

    When building casework, cabinetry, drawers, shelving or other box joinery there are four basic rabbet joints you should learn. This post walks you through each of the four joints and shows you how easy they are to cut using your table saw.

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  6. Joinery Methods for Making Drawer Boxes

    dovetail joint

    What's the best joinery method for drawer boxes? For that matter, what are the joinery methods for making drawer boxes? You can build drawer joints using any number of methods, keep in mind you want to make sure your joinery method is durable enough to stand up to the sometimes discourteous treatment that drawers typically receive. That means that in drawer making, the emphasis is on reliable, accurate joinery.

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  7. Ian Kirby Woodworking Design: Making Cuts and Joinery with Marking Tools

    Knives, marking gauges and pencils used fro marking woodworking projects

    Marking your cuts is an essential step in woodworking, and there are a variety of tools for any job from simple pencils to complex marking knives. If you are going to work wood using hand tools, then all of the traditional marking tools are essential.

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  8. Video: How To Make Tongue & Groove V-Groove Boards

    V-groove board is a decorative panel board similar to beadboard. It features chamfered edges that form a v-groove between each board. The v-groove creates a nice shadow line. You can purchase special router bit sets that will cut the tongue and groove joint and the v-groove in a single pass on each board, but you can also make these boards using more common router bits.

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