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Organize any drawer—and keep it that way—with the Rockler Drawer Organizer System. Use the interlocking trays, bins and dividers to build a tidy grid of compartments that is customized not only to the size of your drawer, but also to the tools and hardware that you need to sort. The trays interlock side-to-side and line up end-to-end to fill out drawers of any width or depth. When you get to the final piece at the end of the row, simply cut it to fit with an ordinary pair of scissors. The synthetic rubber material is easy-to-cut, and the grid of cutlines on the back side ensures that the interlocking feature still works once the tray is cut.

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Organizing Drawers with the Lock Align System - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: We've all seen drawers that look like this, and while I might mostly know what's in here, if I want to find something specific it's going to take me a while. I'm going need to do some digging. I might lose something forever. The solution is a drawer organization system. Tah-dah. Look at that. Now there's lots of ways to divide up a drawer but I really like this locker line system, because it's more than just drawer dividers, it's a whole modular system that's based around three main components. These flexible no-slip trays line the bottom of the drawer and feature dividers that easily lock together with other trays. They're available in two widths and you can cut them with the scissors. The back of each tray features a cutting guide grid, that allows you to extend a row of trays and maintain the bin and divider alignment.

It's easy to customize to fit any space. Next, these bins are the perfect little containers to hold all the small supplies that are around your shop. They fit and lock securely in the tray and can easily be removed to go with you to the workbench or even a job site. Finally these dividers can be added to create all the custom sized storage areas you want in each tray. I really love how easy it is to create custom configurations with this system, and the design of it allows you to even utilize shallow drawers like in this Mechanics cart or in a cabinet. Right now this system is available at a starter kit, but you can get additional bins and dividers and even a wide tray. The best thing is this is just the beginning. I'm told that there are new products being designed for this right now and they'll be coming out soon. Keep your eyes open.