Using a lathe to assist in sanding a woodturning project

Learn how to sand your spindle turning projects smooth.

Skill Builder Video

Sanding Spindle Turnings On A Lathe - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: Nobody likes sanding. The good news is we can minimize the amount of time required for sanding by using proper cutting techniques, and appropriate sanding protocol. We're about to show you how.

Speaker 2: Sandpaper comes in both cloth and paper backing. It is not wise to use cloth paper around the lathe as if it becomes entangled in the work it will not rip. It is better to use an aluminum oxide stairated paper, and in small sizes, one-quarter sheet or less. Always start with a coarse enough grit, and do not jump more than one grit as you work upwards. A good sanding regime is 60, 80, 120, 180 and 220 grit. Do not use high speeds as this will cause the paper to heat up and glaze. It is often useful to actually slow the lathe down a bit.