Applying a danish oil woodworking finish

In this video, we discuss wipe on finishes and how they can be used to enhance your next project.

Wipe-on finishes are easy to apply and can be used on many different types of projects. What are they and how are they applied? We'll show you in this video tutorial.

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Nick Brady: Wipe-on finishes are an easy and durable finish for a variety of projects. They come in a variety of colors, food-safe options, and there's even wipe-on finishes for your outdoor projects. One of the many benefits of a wipe-on finish is that they are so easy to apply. All you need is a plain lint-free cloth, and best of all, no need to worry about any brush marks. First is Wipe-On Poly, a durable clear finish, which combines polyurethane protection with classic hand-rubbed beauty. Next, Danish Oil. It looks similar to Wipe-On Poly but has very little sheen. It protects and enhances the natural look and feel of the wood. This oil also comes in many different colors.

Finally, food-safe finishes like this Walrus oil will impart a silky feel, rich color, and subtle shine to cutting boards, butcher blocks, and wooden countertops. Consider using a Wipe-On Finish for your next project, and you'll discover why so many people use it as their go-to finish. I'm Nick Brady from Rockler. I'm off to the next project. I got some art to hang up. Thanks, Howard. See you all later.

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