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Woodworking FAQ

  1. Are Old Cabinets Worth Refacing?

    Reinstalling shelf in upper chamber of storage cabinet

    Fresh veneer can give old cabinet carcasses in good repair a welcomed facelift.

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  2. Sealing Turnings for Food Use?

    Turned salt and pepper shakers finished with shellac

    There are several good reasons to seal raw wood that will be used for food-contact items, such salt shakers and pepper mills.

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  3. How to Avoid Glue Smudges in Stain

    Prestaining wood slats before glue-up

    There are several ways to avoid having accidental glue smudges appear under a wood finish.

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  4. Making a Tack Cloth

    Creating a homemade tack cloth with tung oil and mineral spirits

    Here are some simple options for charging a cloth so it removes dust better. You might not really even need a "dedicated" tack cloth.

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  5. Video: How to Coil Band Saw Blade

    Preparing used band saw blade for storage

    In this video, Nick Brady demonstrates the best way to coil a band saw blade.

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  6. More on Using a Router Table as a Jointer

    Setting up router table for jointing operation

    Can you use a router table as a jointer? As we've said before, "Yes, you can."

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  7. Making Doors with Mitered Corners

    Custom raised panel cabinet door front

    Does anybody have any instructions or ideas on how to make and glue up raised panel doors with mitered corners?

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  8. Videos: Gluing Up Panels without Dominos

    Joining a panel without using domino supports

    How do you glue up panels without the aid of dowels, dominos or biscuits?

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