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Woodworking FAQ

  1. How Do You Make Straight Cuts with a Jigsaw?

    Using scrap fence to guide jigsaw cut

    How do you make a straight cut when using a jigsaw?

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  2. What's the Best Way to Stain and Finish Highly Figured Woods?

    Applying topcoat over dyed curly maple

    What is the best way to apply a stain finish on a highly figured hardwood?

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  3. What's the Best Way to Tighten Loose Screws?

    Tightening screws around hinge on antique project

    How do you fix a loose screw that just won't tighten up?

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  4. What Is Wipe-on Wood Finish?

    Applying a danish oil woodworking finish

    In this video, we discuss wipe on finishes and how they can be used to enhance your next project.

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  5. Shaper vs Router

    Comparison of a shaper and a router table

    Do you need a shaper, or is a router and router table the better choice for your shop? Here are three expert opinions.

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  6. Using a Plunge Router in a Router Table?

    Placing plunge based router attached to router plate onto router table

    Is it practical (or possible) to mount a router with a plunge base in a router table?

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  7. How to Get a Dye Stain off of a Finish?

    Wood from a sideboard with lightly marred finish

    Can you remove a stain caused by black dye?

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  8. Tropical Wood Moisture Content?

    Gluing and clamping a panel frame

    How do you deal with tropical woods that are cracking?

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