Cutting an angled joint with a beveled chisel

What happens if you accidentally change the angle on your chisel?

If I change the shape of my bevel during sharpening, do I just keep going and just make a new angle?

John Brock: You want to make sure when setting up for sharpening that your desired angle is dialed into the process.  The shape and angle of the blade should be the result of your set up, not the other way around.

Michael Dresdner: If you want to grind a new angle into your chisel, that's your right, and a very tiny change won't have much effect. However, you should understand that different angles work best for different jobs. For instance, a very acute angle cuts easily and is ideal for a paring chisel, but will chip if pounded; on the other hand, the steep angle of a mortise chisel allows for such abuse without the tip chipping, but requires more oomph to push it through wood.