painted white bathroom vanity with three drawers

How to build a bathroom vanity cabinet. This cabinet project will teach you how to build a face frame cabinet with frame-and-panel doors and drawers. There are several Rockler woodworking jigs used to make building this vanity much easier.

This project was designed and built by Stevie from Built by Stevie.

Download the Complete Bathroom Vanity Project Plan

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bathroom vanity design illustrations

Rockler crosscut sled on table saw

The Rockler Tablesaw Cross Cut Sled makes it safer and easier to precisely cross cut wide panels.

cutting door rails on a router table

I used my router table and the Rockler Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set (92145) to cut the rail and stile profiles. The Rockler Rail Coping Sled ensures perfectly square coped rail ends with virtually zero tear-out.

using a jig to install Blum drawer slides

The Rockler JIG IT Undermount Drilling Guide with Drawer Slide Jig make it easy to quickly and accurately install Blum Tandem undermount drawer slides in custom cabinets.

finished vanity

This project was designed and built by Stevie from Built By Stevie. You can find more of Stevie's work at:

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