Scrubbing resin off of a saw blade

In woodworking, friction is the enemy, and that makes keeping your tools clean and free of pitch and resin buildup extremely important.

While your first line of defense against woodworking debris will always be an adequate dust collection system, you'll still need to keep power tool surfaces and blades that come in contact with the wood clean and properly lubricated.

Keeping Saw Blades Clean

Rockler pitch and resin remover bottle

Especially when you are sawing pitchy softwoods, it doesn't take long for your table saw blade to get loaded up with a coat of pitch and resin. The sticky residue causes drag, vibration, and a buildup of extra heat, all of which affect not only your woodworking experience, but also the quality of the cut. A few squirts of Rockler Pitch and Resin Remover and a quick polish at blade-change time will keep your circular saw blades clean and smooth.

Cleaning and Conditioning Router Bits

Dipping saw blade in pitch and resin remover

Your router bits are another likely candidate for periodic cleaning. There is often only a small amount of clearance between a router bit's cutting edge and its body, where resin buildup can significantly add to the friction created during the cut. You can use the same cleaner that you use for your saw blades to keep your router bits bright and shiny. And for lasting protection, pick up the Blade and Bit Maintenance Kit. The kit includes both a generous supply of pitch and resin remover and a lubricant specially designed to condition and protect router bit pilot bearings.

Stationary Tool Surfaces

Boeshield tool care kit

The surfaces of your table saw, jointer, band saw and planer are designed to support the workpiece and allow it to pass smoothly through the cut. To keep them performing up to par, these surfaces need to be kept clean and free of corrosion. And to enhance their performance, most woodworking experts advocate a light lubrication. The Boesheild 3-Part Tool Care Kit include everything you need to restore the work surfaces of your tools to their original stain and corrosion-free condition, remove pitch and resin, and lubricate them with a lubricant designed especially for power tool care.