Carefree summer porch swing

How to make a porch swing for your home. This DIY porch swing features a contoured seat and back, plus cup holders on each arm, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cool drink. If you’ve ever built an Adirondack chair or a simple picnic table, you’ve got the skills you need to make one of these swings for your special outdoor getaway.

This porch swing can be hung from a porch ceiling that features a minimum of 2x6 framing rafters. If you don’t have a porch, a sturdy horizontal tree limb could offer another hanging option, or you could build a freestanding framework or arbor to install the swing practically anywhere in your yard or garden. The porch swing pictured was made 4/4 African mahogany. But cedar, cypress, white oak or redwood would be other good choices, too.

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Download the Porch Swing Drawings

Pages and drawings from summer porch swing proejct