Raised panel router bit and insert installed on router table

How can you use a large panel raising bit on an older router table?

I want to make insert door panels and have purchased the router bit (big and ugly) to cut the beveled edges. My question is: do I bring that up through the table and cut that big of a hole in my table, or is there some kind of extender so I can have the blade above the table? - Tom Bauder

Rob Johnstone: If your table is a solid top one (without an insert) then you will need to make the hole bigger. If you have an insert, you can fabricate a new one just for these large bits. Another, more complicated, solution is to buy a router table insert (Rockler sells some nice aluminum options) that has rings that snap in place and can be removed to accommodate the various sizes of router bits.

Chris Marshall: Whether you enlarge the hole in your tabletop just big enough to pass the bit through it, or add an insert plate to hang your router, a raised-panel bit is always partially "buried" in the table. It never gets elevated completely above the tabletop, so a collet extender wouldn't be necessary. I'll second Rob's suggestion to take the extra step and put an insert plate in your tabletop. Then you'll be set for any bit diameter you need to use. If you buy a plate that isn't made out of metal, get the thickest plate you can find to minimize deflection — especially if you own a heavy router.