Using band saw fence to guide cut

Some accessories can help make your band saw even more versatile.

Point fences can add accuracy to your cut as you resaw, enabling you to "steer" the wood along a layout line to prevent the blade from wandering. Tall featherboards designed for resawing are also available.

Point fence for guiding resaw cut GuidePRO band saw featherboard
Point Fence
Tall Featherboard

Aftermarket miter gauges help with crosscutting and mitering. And a log mill — a sled to aid you when slicing boards off of a log section — sure come in handy, too.

Rockler precision miter guage Carter accuright log mill
Aftermarket Miter Gauge
Log Mill

There are aftermarket blade guides, especially ceramic ones, that extend blade life and improve the accuracy of your cuts. And along those same lines, zero-clearance inserts for the saw table will improve blade performance if you are cutting very thin slices or thin stock.

Ceramic band saw blade guide blocks Carter circle cutting jig
Cool Block Blade Guides
Circle-cutting Jig

A shop-made or purchased pattern-cutting jig helps cut successive uniform shapes. And an adjustable circle-cutting jig will make it easy to cut perfectly round circles in a range of sizes.

Rockler zero clearance band saw inserts Carter band saw blade guide
Zero-clearance Inserts
Bearing Blade Guides

If you have limited space in your shop, a heavy-duty rolling base can make your band saw easy to roll around the shop.

Bora portamate pm 2500 mobile base
Mobile Base

For me, band saws are the second most important power tool in a woodshop after the table saw. For years I used a handheld jigsaw and called it my "poor man's band saw" — but it's a poor substitute for its two-wheeled distant cousin.