using featherboards for a safe table saw cuts video screenshot

One of the best accessories or jigs for improving table saw safety and help prevent kickbacks is a featherboard. A featherboard is a jig with several angled fins. The featherboard is placed just in front of the blade. The fins flex to press the work piece against the fence and prevent it from moving backwards during the cut.

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Using Featherboards for Safe Table Saw Cuts - Video Transcript

Male Speaker: A feather board jig is set-up just in front of the blade to prevent the falling stock from binding. The jig functions by putting controlled pressure on the fence. The feathers flex exerting pressure, which prevents the stock from moving backwards.

Female Speaker: You can buy a feather board pretty inexpensively. If you make your own, use a scrap piece of hardwood that has springy qualities like oak, ash or hickory.