The Festool TSC 55 K Cordless Track Saw Kit is Festool's flagship cordless saw, now with Kickback Stop protection.

Kickback is the most common cause of serious injuries when using a track saw. To remedy the problem, Festool's unique Kickback Stop system senses dangerous blade binding and stops the saw blade in an instant. Not only does this help to protect your hands from injury, but it also minimizes damage to your work. As always, the saw gives you arrow-straight cuts with zero splintering on either side of the blade when paired with a guide rail (e.g. #73382, sold separately). The new generation of saw blades and innovative batteries allows for maximum run time and cut quality. Clever accessories like guide rails, an angle stop, splinter guard and saw table are available to round out the system.

VIDEO: Overview of Festool TSC 55 Cordless Track Saw