mid-century modern starburst clock project

In this Rockler demo you'll learn how to make this wooden version of an iconic mid-century modern style wall clock. If you’ve got a band saw, router table and a tapering jig that works on either your table saw or band saw, this clock could be hanging on your living room wall and marking the hours after just a day or so of time in the shop.

Outer space, and all of its futuristic promise, influenced Mid-century Modern design. And clearly, folks of that time period appreciated its celestial shapes, because if you do a web search for 1950s starburst clocks, you’ll find oodles of eclectic variations on this theme. You may recall the massive versions made of steel with an array of scary-sharp points. Our friendlier 14"-diameter version is more modest and is lots of fun to build.

WATCH VIDEO: Making a Mid-Century Starburst Clock

Download the Starburst Clock Plan