If you’ve been considering trying woodturning or you're an experienced woodturner who is looking for your next project, these turning kits are a great place to start. They are not difficult, they don’t take long to make and you can end up with a very professional looking project. One large group are the handle kits. You can turn a handle for all sorts of useful tools, such as bottle openers , pizza cutters , ice cream scoops , cheese knives , garden tools , and bar tools . An even larger project category is pen turning kits . Pen turning is a very popular hobby. There are many woodturners that focus almost exclusively on turning pens and we offer more than 100 pen kits. The kits vary a bit in terms of the process you follow and accessories needed, but if you’re new to this and just want to try it out, the Rockler Starter Pen Turning Kit contains all the materials you need to turn a few pens, including the pen mechanisms and wood blanks.

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