woodworking workbench

The workbench might be the single most used tool in any woodworker’s shop. But a workbench doesn’t need to feature fancy joinery or details, It only needs to be flat, sturdy and at a height that you can work comfortably. Any other features you add to your workbench should depend on the kind of work you do. Instead of talking about workbench design or how to build a workbench, this video will show you several simple upgrades you can make to whatever you’re using as a workbench.

WATCH VIDEO: Fast and Easy Woodworking Workbench Improvements

Featured Woodworking Workbench Upgrades

Build a Custom Workbench Cabinet - Download the Plan

workbench storage drawers

Woodworking Vises

workbench face vise and end vise

Bench Dog Holes

drilling bench dog holes

T-Track and T-Track Accessories

t-track work stop

Bench Sweep

bench sweep

Mountable Dust Couplers

dust hose connected to miter saw>

Workbench Casters

workbench casters

Silicone Project Mat

silicone project mat