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Cutting and Shaping Wood

  1. Power Carving: Five Fast Facts

    Arbortech power carving tool with cutting head and turbo shaft accessories

    Shaping wood is at the heart of nearly any type of woodworking, but power carving takes that concept to a whole new level.

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  2. Making Tight Curve Cuts with Your Band Saw

    Drawer casing front and leaf design cut at a band saw

    Whether it's a tight curve or a closed opening, you can cut it on your band saw with a couple of easy tricks.

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  3. Making and Attaching Tapered Wood Cabinet Legs

    Using a lathe to create tapered cabinet legs

    Learn how to make and attach tapered legs for a mid-century modern console cabinet.

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  4. Contractor Table Saws vs Cabinet Table Saws

    man standing between two table saws

    The table saw is the heart of most woodworking shops. When looking at stationary table saw, the choice most often is between a contractor saw or cabinet saw. Take a closer look at the differences and similarities you'll find on a cabinet table saw and a contractor table saw. In this case, we use the SawStop Contractor Saw and SawStop Pro Cabinet Saw as our examples of each category of table saw. The saw you choose will depend on the work you need to do with your table saw.

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  5. Four Reasons You Need a Table Saw Crosscut Sled

    crosscut sled on table saw

    Every table saw comes with a miter gauge, and they’re made for making crosscuts and angled cuts. So why do you need a crosscut sled ? There are four good reasons why a crosscut sled can improve your safety and accuracy at the table saw. Chris Marshall will demonstrate all four in this video. So, whether you’re crosscutting big stock or little tiny workpieces, or making repetitive cuts or angled cuts. A crosscut sled can improve your safety and accuracy at the table saw.

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  6. Woodworker's Journal Free Plan: Router Table Cabinet

    router table cabinet

    If the area inside the base of your router table is empty, you’re missing an opportunity for better storage. After all, there are accessories that go along with table routing — bits, wrenches, bit insert rings and featherboards, to name a few. You might also have a box joint jig, other boxed sets of specialized bits or guide collars, push pads and various odds and ends that could really use a drawer.

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  7. How To Get the Most From Your Thickness Planer

    Jet JPW-13BT Benchtop  Planer

    Benchtop planers are an extremely useful tool for any workshop. The perform one of the most important tasks in woodworking — smoothing lumber and machining stock to a specific thickness. The Jet JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer with Helical Style Head is featured in this video.

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  8. Making Dowels with Router Bits

    Example of dowels cut by a half-round router bit

    All you need to make dowels in any species you like is a half-round router bit.

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