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Rockler Legacy of Innovation

  1. Silicone Glue Applicators and Project Mats

    silicone glue brushes

    The Rockler family of Silicone Glue Applicators and Project Mats are easy to clean without chemical solvents - even fully dried polyurethane glue cracks and peels right off the bristles - and re-using the brush is also friendly to the environment. When you're done with your glueup, just rinse with water, or simply set it aside, and the glue will easily flake off by the following day. 

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  2. JIG-IT Hardware Installation Jigs

    The Rockler JIG-IT hardware installation jigs make it easy to accurately install your knobs, pulls, drawer slides, hinges and shelf supports. Each jig is designed to help you accurately install specific pieces of hardware.

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  3. T-Track Tables and Accessories

    t-track clamping a box

    Considering the wide variety of Rockler T-Track accessories available, the utility of the Rockler T-Track Table Top is virtually limitless. Clamp objects at the edge of the table, in the center of the table and anywhere in between for fast, stable sawing, sanding, routing or assembly. Use it with any of our many T-Track Hold Downs, or with our Bench Cookie Work Grippers and the Bench Cookie T-Track Risers .

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  4. Rockler Ergonomic Turning Tools

    The Rockler family of Ergonomic Turning Tools feature comfortably contoured ash handles encased in shock-absorbing rubber. Choose from tools with carbide insert cutters that never need sharpening or traditional high-speed steel tools.

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  5. Strong and Stable Sure-Foot Clamps

    sure-foot clamps

    The wide base on our acclaimed Sure-Foot family of clamps prevents the old "domino effect" so common with ordinary clamps.

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  6. Rolling Library Ladder Kits

    library ladder kits

    Build your own customized rolling ladder system! The Rockler Classic Rolling Library Ladder Kits include all the hardware you need to build a safe and sturdy rolling library ladder. Safely reach the highest shelves in your library, wine cellar, workshop or other out-of-reach spaces while adding a classic look to your home.

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  7. Wireless Speaker Kits

    The Rockler Single Wireless Speaker Kit and Rockler Stereo Speaker Kit make it easy to turn any enclosure into a wireless speaker that will connect to any Bluetooth device.

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  8. Rockler Award Winning Dust Collectors

    750cfm dust collector

    Rockler Award Winning Dust Collectors.

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