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Assembling Your Project

  1. What's the Best Way to Open a Glue Joint?

    Close up of a frame joinery for a door that has been glued

    What is the best way to disassemble a door glue-up?

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  2. Specialty Clamps for Tricky Glue Ups

    Attaching toggle clamps to a table saw jig

    These five styles can help solve your clamping quandaries.

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  3. Five Tips for Making Mitered Picture Frames

    picture frame clamp

    In this Rockler demo you'll learn several tips that will help you make picture frames. We all know that there are a LOT of different styles and joint options for making picture frames. The most common feature mitered corners. And why not? They’re quicker to make than other options, they’re classic and of course, exceedingly functional. But notice that I didn’t say easy! That’s because as you probably already know, 45-degree miter joints like these can be tricky to cut, glue and clamp up accurately. And the wider the frame members are, the more challenging they can be. But, here are five things you can do to up your odds for success when making frames like these.

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  4. What's the Best Glue to Use for a Cutting Board?

    Using a shop made and finished cutting board

    What's the best glue choice for a butcher-block cutting board?

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  5. Clamping Tips for Edge Gluing Panels

    Using bar clamps to aid in panel glue-up

    What are the best practices for gluing up a panel? Try these tips to improve your panel-making tasks.

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  6. Apply Clamp Pressure in the Right Spot

    Adding pressure blocks and clamp pads to pipe clamp for glue-up

    If you want a successful glue-up, it's very important that you get the clamp pressure in exactly the right spot: directly in line with the parts being glued.

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  7. How to Glue-up Panels

    Using bar clamps to glue wood pieces into a panel

    Successful panel glue-ups start with the right choice of adhesive, but it doesn't end there.

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  8. How to Make and Install Custom Wood Plugs

    Custom cut wood plug and countesink bits

    Replace messy, mismatched wood putties with custom wood plugs you make yourself.

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