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Assembling Your Project

  1. How to Glue-up Panels

    Using bar clamps to glue wood pieces into a panel

    Successful panel glue-ups start with the right choice of adhesive, but it doesn't end there.

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  2. How to Make and Install Custom Wood Plugs

    Custom cut wood plug and countesink bits

    Replace messy, mismatched wood putties with custom wood plugs you make yourself.

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  3. How Do You Use Your Bandy Clamps?

    man holding a pair of bandy clamps

    Rockler introduced the innovative Bandy Clamp more than five years ago. It was originally designed as a solution for clamping edge banding. The rubber band strap connected between the no-slip clamp pads puts pressure on the edge of your work piece - the deeper you set it, the tighter the pressure. There’s no doubt, it’s a perfect solution for edge banding, but we’re amazed by the number of other uses you’ve come up with for these clamps. So today we’re taking a fun nostalgic look back at the clever, cool and crazy life of the Bandy Clamp .

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  4. Building Drawers by Installing and Measuring the Drawer Slides First

    Installing drawer slides into cabinetry

    By mounting the drawer slides before building the drawers themselves, you can calculate out the drawer measurements exactly.

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  5. How to Make Raised Panel Doors Using a Table Saw

    man at workbench with table saw miter gauge

    Table saws are perhaps the most versatile tool in a woodworking shop. In this video, we demonstrate how to do classic frame-and-panel construction using just a table saw.

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  6. How to Make and Use Router Templates

    tracing a template pattern on a piece of wood

    Learn how to make and use router templates when you are building your woodworking projects. Router templates can help you do three main things: First, they can help you trace complex shapes onto your project parts quickly and easily. Once you’ve got the template, you don’t have to lay all of this out again manually. Second, you can use your templates to actually make your project parts with a router and the right bits. And finally, you can keep your templates for possible re-use. That can save a lot of layout time down the road, if should you decide to make the project again.

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  7. How to Apply Plastic Laminate

    Plastic laminate laid out and glued to a piece of mdf

    Toughen up your work surfaces and jig facings with plastic laminate.

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  8. Making Butterfly Inlay Keys with Your Router

    Cut and installed butterfly inlays

    Template routing makes this inlay easy.

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