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Routers and CNCs

  1. 11 Tips to Get the Most From Your New Router

    Rockler router table with full suite of accessories

    Whether handheld or mounted in a table, the router is a powerful tool for applying a huge range of edge profiles, cutting joinery from dovetails to mortises and tenons, and even dimensioning stock. This guide will tip you off to some of the essential tools and techniques for getting started so you can get even more out of this simple, affordable tool.

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  2. Cutting Mortise and Tenon Joints with the Leigh FMT Pro Router Jig

    Leigh Mortise and tenon jig demonstration

    In this Rockler demo we are sharing a video from Woodworker's Journal that demonstrates how you can use a plunge router and the Leigh FMT Pro Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig to cut strong, perfectly fitting mortise and tenon joints in no time. Easily rout single, double, twin, quadruple or even triple mortise and tenon joints, plus angled and compound-angled joints, in stock up to 3" x 5".

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  3. Retrofitting a Router Table for Panel-raising?

    Raised panel router bit and insert installed on router table

    How can you use a large panel raising bit on an older router table?

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  4. Solutions for Routed Rabbet Tearout?

    Routed rabbet cut on frame

    What causes router tearout and how can it be prevented?

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  5. Making a Two-Person Peg Game with CNC

    cnc router cutting peg game

    Cutting a lot of holes for a game board like this peg jumping game is a perfect job for a CNC machine. Rob Johnstone demonstrates how the NextWave SD110 makes easy work of this task. Then, he shows you how to complete the set by finishing several game pegs, including a practical use for your test board.

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  6. CNC Routing: Five Fast Facts

    Axiom cnc router machine

    Why would CNC routing be a benefit to a home shop woodworker? We explain some of the benefits of adding technology into the workshop.

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  7. Can a Router Inlay Kit Work with Letter Templates?

    Parts of a router inlaying kit

    How do you use a router inlay kit to cut lettering?

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  8. How Long Does the Routing Process Take for CNC Projects?

    Cutting lettering for a sign with a cnc router

    Is there any way to plan out how long a CNC project will take?

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