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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Removing Cherry's Whitish Haze?

    Cherry wood panels for a box

    What is causing white marks on freshly sanded cherry?

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  2. Best Finish for a Softwood Workbench?

    Scraping down the top of a softwood workbench

    How should you finish a softwood workbench?

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  3. Way to Stop Stain from Bleeding on Red Oak?

    Stain bleeding into the pores of a piece of red oak lumber

    How do you keep stain from bleeding through porous wood like red oak?

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  4. Best Method for Filling Tabletop with Epoxy?

    Spalted maple coffee table filled with an epoxy pour

    What do you need to know about doing an epoxy pour before getting started?

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  5. How to Fix a Fish-eyed Finish?

    Linseed oil finish on maple wood that has become fish-eyed

    Can a fish-eyed topcoat finish be repaired?

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  6. Why Is Your Linseed Oil Not Drying?

    Opening a can of boiled linseed oil finish

    What is the best use for a collection of ash wood?

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  7. Serving Tray Finish Options?

    Football shaped snack tray with chips and salsa

    What is a good food safe finish for a serving try that will hold both greasy and dry snacks?

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  8. Best Finish for a Redwood Carving?

    Small redwood carving of a bear with mineral oil finish

    What is the best finish for a small redwood woodcarving?

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