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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Best Finish for a Redwood Carving?

    Small redwood carving of a bear with mineral oil finish

    What is the best finish for a small redwood woodcarving?

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  2. Evening Out Walnut Color Tones?

    Walnut nightstand with solid wood and plywood parts

    How do you match walnut pieces that are different colors?

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  3. Best Finish for Outdoor White Oak Project?

    Stack of quarter sawn white oak boards

    What is the best finish to protect white oak outdoor furniture?

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  4. Sealing End Grain on Painted Letters?

    Carved and painted lettering in a sign

    How do you keep paint from soaking into the end grain around carved letters?

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  5. Toning to Match Pine Finishes?

    Pine cabinet and entertainment center with different stains

    Is toner the best solution to match two different pieces of pine furniture?

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  6. Finishing Outdoor Cedar Projects?

    Unfinished adirondack chair made out of cedar

    What finish, if any, should be used on outdoor cedar furniture?

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  7. Why Did Sanded Epoxy Turn White?

    Live edge coffee table with epoxy poured into gaps

    Why does colored epoxy turn white when you sand it?

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  8. How to Keep Varnish Fresh?

    Pouring a layer of paint thinner into a can of polyurethane gel

    How do you keep varnish from crusting or drying?

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