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  1. Festool TSC 55 K Features Kickback Stop Protection

    The Festool TSC 55 K Cordless Track Saw Kit is Festool's flagship cordless saw, now with Kickback Stop protection.

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  2. Clamp-It Corner Jigs and Corner Clips Make Building Cabinets Easier

    clamp-it clamps

    One of the most important factors when assembling cabinets is to make sure the case pieces are square to each other. And, assembling cabinets can be a challenge when you're working alone. Learn how the Rockler Clamp-It Corner Jigs and Corner Clips are like extra sets of hands that make it easier to assemble perpendicular cabinet and box corners. The Rockler Clamp-It System firmly holds panels at a precise right angle, freeing up your hands so you can drive fasteners.

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  3. Edge Guide for Portable Drilling Guide

    drilling a row of holes with Rockler portable drill guide

    The new Rockler Edge Guide combined with the Portable Drill Guide lets you drill multiple holes the same distance from the edge—great for dog holes, shelf pin holes and Shaker pegs. The Portable Drill Guide is a great tool to have if you don't have space for a full-size drill press or if you need to drill angled or repetitive holes when your drill press is either inaccessible or won't work for the application. The addition of this Edge Guide makes it even more versatile.

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  4. Video: ISOtunes LINK and Xtra 2.0 Hearing Protection

    Reviewing two models of isotunes hearing protection devices

    In this video, Chris Marshall takes a look at the ISOtunes LINK Earmuffs and Xtra 2.0 Noise-Isolating Earbuds.

    ISOtunes LINK

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  5. Previewing the Rockler Beadlock Pro Jig Kit

    Rockler beadlock pro joinery jig kit

    Loose tenon joinery is a great way to create strong end grain to edge grain joints when building tables and chairs. It is a classic furniture joint. Create strong loose-tenon joints simply and effectively with just this updated jig and a drill.

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  6. How to Make a Picture Frame with Cordless Tools

    makita cordless router

    Cordless tools have come a long way in a little more than 20 years. Now there are cordless versions of tools that we never thought possible. I this video you'll see how we used a cordless biscuit joiner , router, sander and even a miter saw to make a beautiful oak picture frame.

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  7. 5 New Tools You Might Have Missed

    dan with 5 new tools

    In this Rockler demonstration we'll show you five new tools that you might have missed. All five of these tools were introduced in the past six months, but they are from different tools categories. We’re betting at least one of these tools will be something you’ll want in your shop. Let’s get started!

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  8. Difference Between Standard and Low Angle Block Planes?

    Using a low angle block plane to cut a board's edge

    Is there a difference between a low-angle and standard block plane?

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