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  1. Black Cherry: Prunus Serotina

    Stack of a variety of black cherry lumber

    Black cherry lumber is one of our most coveted furniture-grade hardwoods.

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  2. Choosing Wood for Outdoor Projects: Five Fast Facts

    A selection of wood that can be used for outdoor projects

    Tips to keep in mind when picking wood for outdoor projects.

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  3. Wood Species Guide

    A selection of pieces of white oak lumber

    Learn more about the histories and uses of common woodworking woods.

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  4. Avoid Tearout by Reading the Grain

    If you can learn the tendency of how certain grain patterns react to being cut, you can avoid tearout. Looking for those predictable patterns is called "reading the grain."

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  5. How to Repair Cracked Wood

    Repairing crack in wood end with CA Glue

    It’s enough to break your heart. As you near completion on a project, you find a small split or crack. This recently happened to me on a raised panel door that was nearly done. Try this simple and effective repair tip using CA (cyanoacrylate) glue.

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  6. Video: Why Are Woodturning Blanks Coated in Wax?

    drying out a waxed bowl blank

    When you shop for woodturning blanks, many of them are coated in wax. Should you scrape off the wax before turning? Leave the wax on the blank?

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  7. How To Make A Continuous Wood Grain Taco Holder

    wooden taco holder

    Woodworkers Journal Senior art director Jeff Jacobson designed the jig that makes this Continuous Grain Taco Holder both safe and easy to rout, and he has been hoping to fit this project into the magazine for at least a year. His wish is now coming true — and for good reason: it’s a quick and fun novelty you can make for those upcoming holiday parties or south-of-the-border meals.

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  8. How to Build a Hardwood Mosaic Picture Frame


    This picture frame uses a plywood base with decorative hardwood tiling, and it makes a nice home woodworking plan. Professionally made picture frames come in two types: the chintzy-looking cheap ones, or the really great-looking expensive ones. I decided that I would like to build my own and come up with a really great looking frame that was inexpensive but definitely not cheap!

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