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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Cutting Large Ellipses with a Router

    Using an ellipse cutting jig to cut a circular frame

    Need to cut an elipse for your next project? We have some suggestions on how to get the perfect size and shape you need.

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  2. Project: Making a Bubinga Sideboard Table

    Small sideboard table made with bubinga lumber

    This elegant and well constructed sideboard table was made using a piece of rare African bubinga.

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  3. Shaper vs Router

    Comparison of a shaper and a router table

    Do you need a shaper, or is a router and router table the better choice for your shop? Here are three expert opinions.

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  4. Fence Clamps That Stay out of the Way

    Rockler universal fence clamp holding scrap fence

    By itself, the fence that came with your table saw isn't always enough. Sometimes you need to add an "auxiliary" fence. But how do you keep it attached?

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  5. Branching out with More Turning Options

    Collection of different types of turning blanks

    Think globally when considering which wood to use when you're making your next turning project.

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  6. Setting Up the Best Woodworking Dust Collection System

    woodworker sweeping workshop dust

    Setting up an efficient and easy-to-use dust collection system is important in every woodworking shop. A workshop with excessive piles of wood chips and surfaces coated in sawdust can affect how well you work and how much you enjoy being in your shop. More importantly, wood dust can directly impact your personal health and safety.

    The best woodworking dust collection systems contain and collect dust at the source, minimize any mess that is left after your project is complete, make it easy to clean up the mess that is left behind, and makes your shop a healthier place to work. In this article you'll learn how to select and set up the best dust collector and dust collection accessories for your shop.

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  7. Checking Lumber Squareness

    Using metal square to check a board

    Woodworkers are all more-or-less obsessed with squareness. They have to be. Even small variances from dead-on 90 degrees tend to turn up as ugly gaps, lids that don’t fit, wonky cabinets - you name it. Consequently, most spend a fair amount of time checking angles for accuracy.

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  8. How to Make a Large River Table with Steel Legs

    wiping finish on a river table

    Making river tables continues to be a popular project. Adding a creative twist to building tables with live-edge slabs, river tables place the live edges in the middle of the table and fill the gap between the two sides with epoxy resin. We worked with Cass Eck, founder of Stonemill & Co., to make a large river table display for the Grand Opening of the new Rockler store in Fairfax, Virginia. The result is this beautiful table that features live-edge maple slabs, grey color MAS epoxy and I-Semble Crossed Bar Steel Legs. Cass created a video that demonstrates the entire process of how she built this river table, including lots of tips and tricks.

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