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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Video: Turning A Shop Salt Shaker

    Turning blank and several turned salt shaker designs

    In this video, April Wilkerson makes a shop glue-up helper: a turned salt shaker.

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  2. Video: Better Built-In Cabinets

    Built in livingroom shelving unit

    In this video, Chris Salomone redesigns a set of built-in cabinets.

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  3. Top 10 Handmade Gift Project Plans For 2021

    variety of handmade wood gifts

    The best gifts are handmade. Here are 10 of our favorite projects to give as gifts. These 10 free woodworking plans include a wide range of projects. Most of them can be built by a beginning woodworker. You can find even more project ideas on our Handmade Gift Guide.

    You're sure to find a project that is perfect for just about anyone on your list!

    If you have a woodworker on your holiday gift giving list, check out our Woodworking Tools Gift Guide to find the top gifts for woodworkers in 2021.
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  4. Project: Portable Tool Storage Cabinet

    Mobile workshop storage cabinet

    Moveable storage that keeps your tools organized and readily at hand.

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  5. Solutions for Routed Rabbet Tearout?

    Routed rabbet cut on frame

    What causes router tearout and how can it be prevented?

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  6. Choosing a Dust Collector

    Hooking dust right dust collector to a router table in small shop

    To choose the right dust collector for your shop, you'll need to consider the air volume requirements of the tools in your shop and also the amount of static pressure your dust collector will have to overcome.

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  7. Making a Two-Person Peg Game with CNC

    cnc router cutting peg game

    Cutting a lot of holes for a game board like this peg jumping game is a perfect job for a CNC machine. Rob Johnstone demonstrates how the NextWave SD110 makes easy work of this task. Then, he shows you how to complete the set by finishing several game pegs, including a practical use for your test board.

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  8. Dust Collection System Design and Equipment

    Collection of dust collection fittings, connectors and gates

    In setting up a central dust collection system, good design makes all the difference.

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