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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Building with Miter Joints

    Artist's representation of a typical miter joint

    Hide end grain elegantly when you join the angled ends and edges of parts together.

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  2. How to Avoid Glue Smudges in Stain

    Prestaining wood slats before glue-up

    There are several ways to avoid having accidental glue smudges appear under a wood finish.

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  3. 3-in-1 Cabinet Scraper Sharpening Tool

    Running sharpener over edge of cabinet scraper

    This jig simplifies the process of filing, honing and burnishing card scrapers with all-in-one convenience.

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  4. What is a Woodturning Lathe Chuck?

    nova g3 scroll chuck in lathe

    What is a lathe chuck used for in woodturning? A lathe chuck, also referred to as a scroll chuck, is a wood lathe accessory that is used to secure turning blanks.

    Rather than mount your bowl turning blank on a lathe faceplate, it's easier to turn a bowl using a four-jaw lathe chuck. As the name suggests, this type of chuck has four jaws, and these jaws can be adjusted in and out to hold a workpiece, either by contracting around a turned tenon or expanding into a recess you turn in the workpiece.

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  5. Making a Tack Cloth

    Creating a homemade tack cloth with tung oil and mineral spirits

    Here are some simple options for charging a cloth so it removes dust better. You might not really even need a "dedicated" tack cloth.

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  6. Helpful Track Saw Enhancements

    Using a track saw to cut sheet goods for cabinetry

    From specialized blades to guide rails and cordless options, there area wide variety of enhancements available for track saws that can improve both their accuracy and efficiency.

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  7. Building with Dovetail Joints

    Drawings of through and half-blind dovetail joints

    Rugged as they are beautiful, these distinctive joints can be made with hand or power tools.

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  8. Video: Making a Leaning Wall Shelf

    Simple wall supported storage shelf

    In this video, April Wilkerson creates a simple and functional leaning wall shelf.

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