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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Video: Restoring an Old Rocking Chair

    April WIlkerson with her reassembled rocking chair project

    In this video, April Wilkerson fixes and refinishes an old rocking chair that has seen better days.

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  2. Tormek Tool Sharpening Solutions for Every Woodworker

    Tormek Sharpening Cart

    Tormek Sharpening Systems offer many ways to create a customized sharpening system that suits your needs. In this Rockler demonstration video, we'll show you the Tormek T-8 Original sharpening machine along with several new and innovative accessories.

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  3. What's a Tail Vise For on a Workbench?

    Clamping project to the end of a workbench

    Do you need a tail vise on your workbench?

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  4. Best Finish for a Mahogany Adirondack Chair?

    Mahogany adirondack chair on a dock

    How can you keep African mahogany from fading in the sun?

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  5. Video: Nintendo Switch Storage Cabinets

    Chris Salomone using video game console cabinet

    In this video, Chris Salomone makes a a pair of cabinets that transforms his TV into a giant Nintendo Switch.

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  6. Best Finish for a Cedar Chest?

    Open cedar blanket chest with finished exterior

    What is the best finish for a cedar blanket chest?

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  7. How to Make a More Durable Glued Panel?

    Clamping a wood panel during glue-up

    What factors should I consider when gluing up a panel?

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  8. Video: Classic Style Wood Record Crates

    David Picciuto and his walnut record crates

    In this video, David Picciuto shows how to make record crates using router dovetails joints out of walnut with hairpin legs.

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