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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Will Wood Movement Be an Issue in My Bathroom Project?

    Bathroom vanity and cabinet with wood covering

    What effect will wood movement have when gluing up bathroom vanity panels?

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  2. How to Stain Cherry Red?

    A small jewelry box made from cherry wood

    What is the best stain for a cherry jewelry box?

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  3. Video: Rustic Wall Crates

    Antique apple crates turned into expressive wall art

    In this video, Paul Jackman turns some antique apple crates into impressive wall shelves.

    These wall crates were built to hold little knickknacks on the wall with a cool

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  4. Mixing an Oil and Wax Finish?

    Sam Maloof finishing with his oil and wax mixture

    Is there a perfect mix for an oil and beeswax finish?

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  5. Video: Epoxy Locking Miter Joints

    Coffee table leg joint with an epoxy inlay lock

    In this video, Chris Salomone builds a table with some unique joinery features.

    Chris Salomone tries out a new woodworking technique by using epoxy resin to reinforce

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  6. What is a Shooting Board?

    Edge planing using shooting board as a guide

    What is a shooting board and what is it used for?

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  7. Choosing the Right Drawer Slide

    a variety of drawer slides

    Considering the number of times you'll open a drawer over it's lifetime, it's easy to see why choosing the right one is an important decision. Many factors will play into your choice: price, features, finishes and even just a preference for the tactile feel of a given slide. This guide will help you zero in on the one that best fits your needs. Note: While there will always be a place for wooden drawer slides, this guide will focus on the metal versions, which offer functionality not found on any wooden slide.

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  8. Steam Oak Before Bending?

    Using a steam bending box to shape a piece of wood

    What is the best option for forming oak around a rounded plywood edge?

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