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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Using a Plunge Router in a Router Table?

    Placing plunge based router attached to router plate onto router table

    Is it practical (or possible) to mount a router with a plunge base in a router table?

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  2. What Are Zero Clearance Table Saw Inserts?

    Phenolic zero clearance table saw insert

    In case you're not familiar with a zero clearance insert, we'll explain what this handy accessory is and what it does.

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  3. Four Jaw Chucks

    Displaying a standard four jaw chuck and a lathe faceplate

    Expand your woodturning possibilities with a four jaw chuck.

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  4. How to Fix Chips and Scratches in Tabletops?

    Chip taken out of finished wood panel

    Nothing catches the eye like a big old scratch or chip right in the middle of an otherwise beautifully finished wood surface – except, possibly, a failed repair attempt.

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  5. How to Sharpen a Cabinet Scraper

    cabinet scraper smoothing a board

    Our 3-in-1 Cabinet Scraper Sharpening Tool is the only tool on the market to combine a file, 2500-grit diamond hone and hardened steel burnishing rod into one tool to cover the entire process of sharpening a card scraper. It simplifies the multi-step process of restoring a sharp edge to card scrapers and cabinet scrapers. Thanks to the angle guides on the sides, it promises a uniform burr for incredibly thin shavings. The parts of the sharpener are numbered with the sequential steps needed for a sharp edge: file, hone, draw the burr and turn the burr.

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  6. Video: Two Car Garage Workshop

    Michael Alm two car garage home workshop

    In this video, Michael Alm gives a tour of the workshop he's built out in his two car garage.

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  7. How to Make an Arts & Crafts Calendar Frame

    Mission-style calendar wall frame

    This design of this quartersawn white oak calendar frame was ten years in the making, but makes a perfect small project in just about any shop.

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  8. Solving the Splintered Plywood Problem

    Sawing large plywood panel with melamine cutting blade

    Having trouble with rough, splintered table saw cuts in expensive sheets of hardwood plywood? You may need a new - or more appropriate – saw blade.

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