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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Workshop Bench and Wall Cabinet Project

    Wall cabinet and matching mobile workbench for small shop

    Functional design and simple construction make this workshop cabinet and cart a practical pair for any workshop or garage.

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  2. Folding Shop Desk Plan

    Folding workshop desk woodworking project

    One problem with small shops is that there's never enough floor space. The same often goes for counter space. This fold-down desk project provides a simple, sturdy solution.

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  3. Using Your Router to Cut Dado Joints

    Cabinet dado joinery cut with a router

    The router is the one tool that will handle all the dadoing and grooving you'll do in woodworking. The dado is prime-choice joinery. It follows that hoary adage of woodworking, "Use the simplest joint that will work."

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  4. Four Reasons You Need a Table Saw Crosscut Sled

    table saw crosscut sled

    Every table saw comes with a miter gauge, and they’re made for making crosscuts and angled cuts. So why do you need a crosscut sled ? There are four good reasons why a crosscut sled can improve your safety and accuracy at the table saw. Chris Marshall will demonstrate all four in this video. So, whether you’re crosscutting big stock or little tiny workpieces, or making repetitive cuts or angled cuts. A crosscut sled can improve your safety and accuracy at the table saw.

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  5. Avoid Finishing Disasters

    Laying out soaked finishing rags to dry

    Steer clear of finishing frustration on projects with a tight deadline by putting these practices from expert Michael Dresdner into place.

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  6. September 2020 Woodworker's Journal Free Plan: Router Table Cabinet

    router table cabinet

    If the area inside the base of your router table is empty, you’re missing an opportunity for better storage. After all, there are accessories that go along with table routing — bits, wrenches, bit insert rings and featherboards, to name a few. You might also have a box joint jig, other boxed sets of specialized bits or guide collars, push pads and various odds and ends that could really use a drawer.

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  7. Additional Bevels for Turning Deeper Bowls

    Making deeper bowls with a beveled bowl gouge

    Bowl gouges: grind a second bevel, or even a third. Woodturning expert Ernie Conover explains how in this guide and video.

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  8. Turning a Canister and Lid

    Turned canister made with green wood and matching lid

    Learn how to turn a green wood canister with a lid on a lathe.

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