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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. How to Make a Large River Table with Steel Legs

    wiping finish on a river table

    Making river tables continues to be a popular project. Adding a creative twist to building tables with live-edge slabs, river tables place the live edges in the middle of the table and fill the gap between the two sides with epoxy resin. We worked with Cass Eck, founder of Stonemill & Co., to make a large river table display for the Grand Opening of the new Rockler store in Fairfax, Virginia. The result is this beautiful table that features live-edge maple slabs, grey color MAS epoxy and I-Semble Crossed Bar Steel Legs. Cass created a video that demonstrates the entire process of how she built this river table, including lots of tips and tricks.

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  2. Project: Fold-up Greenhouse

    Small backyard greenhouse designed to be folded and stored

    This greenhouse offers great seasonal storage for your plants while also being easy to take apart.

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  3. Video: Making a Spline Jig

    Cutting small box corner in plywood spline jig

    In this video, Michael Alm builds a spline jig and demonstrates how to use it to spline a miter.

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  4. Digitizing a Router Lift

    Wixey angle remote with digital readout

    Learn how a digital readout can take your router table set-up to the next level.

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  5. Project: Building a Cherry Wood Sideboard

    Shaker-style cherry wood sideboard

    This sideboard project is made from cherry wood in the Thos. Moser and Shaker styles and built for lots of storage.

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  6. Why Choose Sure-Foot Clamps?

    Clamping frame and panel door with sure-foot pipe clamps

    A clamp's a clamp's a clamp: No reason to go out of your way for a "special kind" of pipe clamp, like Rockler's Sure-Foot Pipe Clamps, right? Not quite.

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  7. DIY Modern Walnut Dining Table Plan

    walnut dining table with builder

    How to build this modern walnut dining table.
    I’ve always imagined a round table in my dining room. After falling in love with the perfect mid-century table from a high-end furniture store (costing over $3,000), I decided to try and make my own. Using the gorgeous walnut lumber from Rockler was a no brainer. I’m breaking down this table build step by step so you can build it too.
    All the materials for this table can be ordered directly from Rockler and delivered your doorstep, see the Material List below. Download the free step-by-step instructions to build this table.

    This project was designed and built
    by Stefani Terry, founder of Home with Stefani.

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  8. Using a Router Table as a Jointer?

    Setting up router table to make jointer cuts

    Is it possible to use a router table as a jointer?

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