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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Why and Where to Install Dust Collection Blast Gates?

    stablegate demo

    Blast gates, like these Rockler StableGates and Metal Blast Gates are hose ports that feature a sliding gate that opens and closes to control the airflow in your dust collection lines. They’re like the traffic cops in your system. In this Rockler demonstration you'll see several types of blast gates and how to install them in your dust collection system.

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  2. How Do I Protect Cast Iron from Rusting During Storage?

    Rubbing a coat of paste wax on a cast iron table saw top

    How do you prevent cast iron tools from rusting?

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  3. African Mahogany: Khaya grandifoliola, senegalensis

    Stack of African mahogany lumber of various sizes

    Whether you're building a deck chair or a dining room table, African mahogany aims to please.

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  4. Video: Secret Compartment Shoebox with Patchwork Pallet Wood

    Paul Jackman displays a multi-panel pallet wood boot box with secret compartment

    Paul Jackman's shoe box is more than meets the eye, with a hidden compartment that houses some fantastic surprises.

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  5. How Should I Face-glue My Pine Lumber?

    Small table with a pine lumber tabletop

    What is the best way to glue up pine panels for a table top?

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  6. Removing Cherry's Whitish Haze?

    Cherry wood panels for a box

    What is causing white marks on freshly sanded cherry?

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  7. Video: How to Make Professional Quality Picture Frames

    Michael Alm shows a variety of picture frames

    In this video, Michael Alm covers the basics of making picture frames.

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  8. Best Finish for a Softwood Workbench?

    Scraping down the top of a softwood workbench

    How should you finish a softwood workbench?

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