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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Creating Thicker Plywood

    Doubling plywood thickness by gluing panels together

    When Ernie Conover was tasked with creating some extensions for his wife's loom, he needed to create 1-1/2"-thick pieces of plywood.

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  2. Cutting Rabbets with a Piloted Router Bit

    Using a piloted router bit to make a rabbet cut

    Routing a rabbet is usually not difficult. Use a piloted rabbet bit in your router and guide it to cut perfect rabbets.

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  3. Portable Sawmills: Lumber from Local Trees

    Portable saw mill on location

    Tired of paying high prices for lumber at the lumberyard? A portable sawmill could be your ticket to getting quality wood for your next project at a more affordable price.

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  4. How to Use a Moisture Meter

    Checking moisture content of wood with a moisture meter

    Make sure your wood has dried to a proper moisture level before beginning any project.

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  5. Making Projects with a Router and Signmaker's Template Kits

    signmaking templates and router

    Making signs is a fun project home or even as a business. It’s also a great gift idea. And there are a ton of applications such as address signs for homes, cabins, or businesses, signs for your workshop, for kid’s rooms, or to label public spaces. The Rockler Signmaker’s Template Kits are easy. The thing that makes using these templates so easy, is our Signmaking Wizard. You simply type in up to 20 characters of text and the wizard gives you the combination of templates you need to make your sign. And you can make more than just signs, we recently made these clocks with the 2-1/2” State Park Kit.

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  6. How to Make and Install Custom Wood Plugs

    Custom cut wood plug and countesink bits

    Replace messy, mismatched wood putties with custom wood plugs you make yourself.

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  7. Making a Clock with a Router and Signmaker’s Templates

    clock projects

    This clock project is fast and easy to make. It’s a perfect gift project because once you’re set up, you can make multiple clocks very efficiently. We used the Rockler Compact Router Ellipse and Circle Jig to cut the circle shape and the Rockler Signmaker’s Template Kit in the 2-1/2” State Park Font to form the numbers.

    Making a clock is a fun project that doesn’t necessarily require a lot of tools. You can make the clock face out of just about any piece of lumber. All it needs is a hole for the clock mechanism to fit through. You can also be as creative as you like with the clock face. Keep it simple and clean with a clear finish and no numbers. Or, enhance it with applied numbers or techniques such as carving, painting or woodburning.

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  8. Project: Picture Frame Moldings

    Polishing a picture frame with a dentil inlay

    A table saw is the only tool you need to create a handsome cove-and-dentil picture frame. Suitable for art or portraits, it makes an attractive holiday gift.

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