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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Video: How to Setup a Simple DIY Photo Studio

    Michael Alm rolling out photo shoot background

    In this video, Michael Alm sets up a simple but professional-style photo studio in his garage.

    Michael Alm installed a three roll seamless backdrop system that converts

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  2. July 2021 Woodworker's Journal Free Premium Plan: Tall Kitchen Stool

    tall kitchen stool with back

    I’ve made a lot of other sorts of woodworking projects in my career, but my specialty is making chairs and benches (and, of course, tables that the chairs are suited to). Those of you who know a bit about woodworking, and specifically understand how challenging chairs can be to build, may wonder why I would choose to make chairs my main gig. Sometimes, I wonder why, too. In addition to the truism that good, solid chairs are hard to build is the corollary that attractive chairs are challenging to design. It is so easy to over- or underbuild, for the chairs to turn out clunky or spindly. And if that was not enough, even if a chair looks beautiful and is as sturdy as the Rock of Gibraltar, if it is uncomfortable, all the aesthetics and strength are all for naught.

    – Greg Wood is a professional woodworker from Howard Lake, Minnesota.

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  3. Choosing the Right Drawer Slide

    a variety of drawer slides

    Considering the number of times you'll open a drawer over it's lifetime, it's easy to see why choosing the right one is an important decision. Many factors will play into your choice: price, features, finishes and even just a preference for the tactile feel of a given slide. This guide will help you zero in on the one that best fits your needs. Note: While there will always be a place for wooden drawer slides, this guide will focus on the metal versions, which offer functionality not found on any wooden slide.

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  4. Why Didn't My Second Coat of Poly Dry?

    Octagonal cherry and walnut canister set

    Why would one coat of a finish cure properly and the next not?

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  5. Simple Bookcase Project Plan

    Simple constructed plywood bookcase

    This fun to build, functional bookcase will organize books or anything you choose and can be painted to match your decor.

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  6. How to Make and Wire a Lamp

    three wood lamp projects

    Rockler lamp kits make it easy to design and build lamps. Choose a unique wood or use whimsical objects to craft a beautiful lamp.

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  7. How to Install Floating Shelf Hardware

    four examples of floating shelf projects

    Floating Shelves are shelves supported by concealed supports, making it look like the shelf is floating. They are a great way to add practical storage and a clean, modern accent to any room. In this demonstration video, you'll learn how to install concealed brackets to support floating shelves.

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  8. Video: Space Saving Dust Collection Cart

    Paul Jackman's space saving dust collection cart

    In this video, Paul Jackman builds a new dust collection cart meant to save space and keep his shop clean.

    This dust collection cart allows Paul Jackman to stack everything

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