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  1. Buying a Planer or Jointer

    A full-size jointer and planer sitting next to each other in a workshop

    How do you weigh the benefits of owning a planer versus owning a jointer?

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  2. Buying an Aftermarket Miter Gauge

    Making cutting board end using precision miter gauge on table saw

    An aftermarket miter gauge can make all the difference to a great table saw. So what should you look for?

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  3. Overview of the Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    Cutting a cover in lumber using a jig and table saw

    Coves are one of the most common decorative shapes in woodworking and this tool makes cutting them easier.

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  4. Clamp Guides - A Good Solution for Small Shops

    Bora clamp guide set up across a large workpiece

    If you're a home-shop woodworker and don’t have access to a panel saw or a cabinet saw equipped with a 50” fence and extension tables, how do you deal with material that comes in 4' x 8' sheets?

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  5. BeadLOCK Jigs: Affordable, Rock-Solid Joinery

    Cutting mortise-and-tenon joinery with a beadlock kit

    For strength and durability, no one can argue with mortise and tenon joinery.

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  6. Rockler Flip Top Roller Stand

    Rockler heavy duty flip top roller stand

    Take a look at the versitle Rockler Flip Top roller stand and how it fit into Robert Anthony Robinson's workshop.

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  7. Hand Saw Overview: Gent's Saw

    Gentlemen's-style hand saw on workbench

    The "Gentleman's Saw" is a western type back saw. It was generally of a smaller size and features a simple turned handle.

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  8. Hand Saw Overview: Veneer Saws

    Examples of two types of veneer saw

    It's a specialty tool, but for what it does, there is no better tool than a veneer saw.

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