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  1. Video: Sanding Spindle Turnings On A Lathe

    Using a lathe to assist in sanding a woodturning project

    Learn how to sand your spindle turning projects smooth.

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  2. Video: Beginners Guide to Turning Hollow Vessels

    Beginners Guide to Turning Hollow Vessels Video Screenshot

    How to turn a hollow vessel using the Rockler Hollowing Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tool. A hollow vessel is a turned piece that features an opening that is smaller than the lower part of the vessel. The swan neck shaft of the Carbide Hollowing Tool is specially contoured for making blind cuts and undercuts inside of turned vessels. Like Rockler's other carbide turning tools, it features a replaceable, rotatable cutter that does away with the hassle and downtime of sharpening.

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  3. Video: Wood Lathe & Woodturning Safety Tips

    Wood Lathe & Woodturning Safety Tips Video Screenshot

    Learn these tips for using a woodworking lathe safely. What safety gear do you need to use a lathe?

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  4. Video: Wood Turning Taper Legs

    Wood Turning Taper Legs Video Screenshot

    Woodturning a tapered leg is not difficult. The trick is to turn multiple legs with tapers that match. Learn how to use a couple simple jigs to measure the diameter at each end of a tapered leg and turn consistent tapers.

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  5. Intro to Turning

    Turning Pen on the Lathe

    Have you ever found yourself thinking that woodturning looks like fun but you haven't pursued it because you're afraid getting started will be too costly or complicated? That's understandable. Turning is a specialized branch of woodworking with its own tools and skill set, and it can seem like an entirely different world even if you know your way around the rest of the shop. The good news is that it's not as hard to get started as you might think. Here's a quick-start guide to woodturning.

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  6. Common Misunderstandings about Wood Turning

    man turning project on wood lathe

    In her years as a woodturner, Betty Scarpino has come across many common misconceptions about the craft. I’ve seen it too often: a person learns something new, they misapply the knowledge, and bad things result. Heck, it still happens to me far too often! Fortunately, I’ve survived those events, mostly intact. I would like to share some easily misunderstood concepts about woodturning with the hope of decreasing confusion and adding to your enjoyment and safety.

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  7. How to Make a High-Gloss Finish While Turning on a Lathe with Friction Polish

    friction polish collection

    There are a lot of good friction polishes that create a nice, clear finish on both natural wood and wood that's already been stained. I just can’t deny it — I am an instant gratification sort of woodworker. So, when I am looking for a clear finish on my turned pieces — and I predominantly turn bowls — I almost always reach for a friction polish. They are easy to apply, build up quickly and look great.

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  8. Cutting Flutes On A Lathe With An Index Wheel

    flute index wheel

    A Woodworker's Journal reader asks: how can I create fluting on a circular or round wooden column? I read someplace that one way this can be accomplished is on a lathe that has indexing capabilities, but I could never understand how. I do not have an indexing lathe but, have routers, a router table and chisels, help!

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