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  1. How to Make Two Turnings Look Alike

    Woodturning project with multiple duplicated spindles

    In many woodturning projects, creating multiple versions of the same turning is essential. Our expert shows you how to better make duplicate turnings.

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  2. Turn a Faceplate for Your Lathe

    A lathe with a turned faceplate attached

    How to turn a simple faceplate that will offer solid, secure support for a variety of woodturning projects.

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  3. Project: Turning a Yarn Bowl

    Yarn bowl turned on Powermatic lathe

    Learn how to turn a yarn bowl and take a closer look at the Powermatic PM2014 1HP Lathe.

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  4. Reproduce a Spindle on a Lathe

    Turned spindles on box projects

    Making exact copy reproductions of spindles looks difficult, but by following three key guidelines you'll get a perfect spindle every time — no matter how many you want to make.

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  5. How to Use a Friction Finish

    Samples of products used in friction finishes

    I just can’t deny it – I am an instant gratification sort of woodworker. So, when I am looking for a clear finish on my turned pieces – and I predominantly turn bowls – I almost always reach for a friction polish. They are easy to apply, build up quickly and look great.

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  6. Video: Get Started in Woodturning with Turning Kits

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  7. Video: Lathe Dust Collection System

    turning on a lathe with a dust right dust collection system

    Woodturners know that dust collection is challenge when working with a lathe. The Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection System includes several tools to help improve your lathe's dust collection.

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  8. Video: Installing Threaded Inserts in Acrylic Turning Blanks

    heating threaded insert for installation into acrylic turning blank

    A question that often comes up when turning acrylic handles is how to install the threaded insert that is included in most Rocklerturning kits into an acrylic turning blank.

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