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  1. 6 Router Jigs Every Woodworker Needs

    These six innovative router jigs make your router or router table even more versatile. These 6 jigs make it possible for your router to cut tight box joints, perfect circles, beautiful dovetail joints, and more! Even a beginning woodworker will be able to safely and quickly produce professional results with these 6 Rockler Router Jigs.

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  2. Making Furniture with Beadlock Floating Tenons

    beadlock jig and tenons

    In this week's Rockler demo, you'll learn how the new Beadlock Pro Jig makes it easy to create floating tenons when you're building furniture. The Beadlock system creates incredibly strong, totally concealed joints with only your hand drill. Just pop the included drilling guide into the jig in the ''A'' position to locate the initial holes, then slide it to the ''B'' position to drill the overlapping holes.

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  3. Does Epoxy Have to Be Mixed Before Use?

    Mixing and measuring epoxy resin and hardner

    Can you split epoxy parts across both sides of a joint?

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  4. Previewing the Rockler Beadlock Pro Jig Kit

    Rockler beadlock pro joinery jig kit

    Loose tenon joinery is a great way to create strong end grain to edge grain joints when building tables and chairs. It is a classic furniture joint. Create strong loose-tenon joints simply and effectively with just this updated jig and a drill.

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  5. Box Joints Possible with a Router Table?

    Dry fitting box joint cut on a router table

    Can and how would a router be utilized to make box joints for a project?

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  6. How to Make a Picture Frame with Cordless Tools

    makita cordless router

    Cordless tools have come a long way in a little more than 20 years. Now there are cordless versions of tools that we never thought possible. I this video you'll see how we used a cordless biscuit joiner , router, sander and even a miter saw to make a beautiful oak picture frame.

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  7. Build Face Frames with a Shop-made Doweling Jig

    Using shop made jig to drill dowel holes

    A little scrap and a couple of bushings are all it takes.

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  8. Introduction to Furniture Joinery

    woodworker measuring a mortise and tenon joint

    “There are three categories of woodworking joinery that we use to make furniture; the butt joint, the mortise and tenon, and the dovetail. All other joinery can be considered variations within of these three categories.” -- Ian Kirby, Master Woodworker

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