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Installing Hardware

  1. Flipper Door FAQ

    Diagram of installation of medium-duty slides

    Want to build a cabinet with flipper-style hinges for the doors? We answer some commonly asked questions about these projects.

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  2. Best Option for Hanging Dresser Drawers?

    Dresser drawer fitted with undermount drawer slide

    How do you mount a drawer with hardware that maintains an antique look?

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  3. Best Ways to Install Cabinet Hardware

    drilling pilot holes for cabinet hardware

    Installing handles, knobs and pulls on doors and drawers is not only a functional addition to your cabinets or furniture projects. They’re also a great way to add an another design feature. It’s amazing how much different styles of knobs or pulls can change the look of a cabinet. The popular Rockler Drawer Pull JIG IT® Template and Center Punch and new Rockler Jig-It Knob and Pull Pro Drilling Guide make it fast and easy to install cabinet hardware.

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  4. JIG-IT Hardware Installation Jigs

    The Rockler JIG-IT hardware installation jigs make it easy to accurately install your knobs, pulls, drawer slides, hinges and shelf supports. Each jig is designed to help you accurately install specific pieces of hardware.

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  5. Lid Support/Lid Stay Buying Guide

    Blanket chest with torsion hinges

    A lid stay is often one of those things that you realize you need once your project is almost done. Don't let it be an afterthought, though.

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  6. Choosing the Right Casters

    Example of a locking caster

    It's just a wheel, right? If only it were that simple. Casters are available in a huge range of sizes, styles, materials, and with numerous swiveling, braking and locking options.

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  7. Kitchen Cabinet Organization Glossary

    Three tiered kitchen cabinets with access ladder

    There is a lot of hardware out there to help you organize your kitchen and maximize the space in your cabinets. This glossary includes all the important terms you need to know related to kitchen organization.

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  8. Kitchen Cabinet Organization Guide

    Upper and lower kitchen cabinets with an island

    Today's kitchen offers a dizzying array of storage and organization options to maximize space and minimize headaches. This guide will help you make sense of the options so your kitchen can be the lean, mean food-making machine it was always meant to be.

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