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Installing Hardware

  1. Stickley Hardware

    Stickley hardware

    Gustav Stickley's influence has inspired woodworkers of all skill levels. For Stickley, construction and decoration were inseparable. He respected the ancient crafts, and filled his factory with metalsmiths trained in Old World traditions. His workshops made and offered hardware in a variety of metals - iron, copper, brass and pewter - as well as, sometimes, in wood.

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  2. Countersink vs. Counterbore Screw Holes - What's The Difference?

    Counterbore and countersink screws are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a difference in the shape and usage of the screws and holes they make. The key difference between countersink and counterbore screws are the size and shape of the holes, counterbore holes are wider and more square to allow for the addition of washers.

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  3. How to Select Countersink Drill Bits for Flush-Set & Plugged Screws

    A variety of countersink bits

    Countersink bits come in a variety of stiles and sizes depending on the project, the screws you're using, and personal preferences. For utility shop furniture or other quick-and-dirty projects — especially temporary items — we often don’t care much about the screws. They can be visible or not, proud of the surface or not; sometimes, it just doesn’t matter.

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  4. Understanding Screw Sizes

    Screw Sizes

    What do all of those screw numbers mean? It’s a good thing to know – plans, instructions, specs and other woodworkers refer to specific kinds and sizes of screws all the time. Below, Lee Grindinger clears up the mystery in his response to a Woodworker’s Journal reader’s question.

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  5. Choosing the Right Drawer Slide

    guide: how to choose the right drawer hinge

    Whether you’re updating your kitchen or outfitting new cabinetry, selecting the right drawer slide can seem like a daunting task. How do you choose from all the options?

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  6. Rockler JIG IT Systems Make Installing Hinges Easy

    kitchen cabinet hinge

    Make hinge installation easy with Rockler JIG IT® Systems! JIG ITs make mounting hinges easier, faster, and more accurate by minimizing setup time and eliminating variations from measuring and marking. Choosing the right JIG IT is your first step!

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  7. Understanding European-Style Hinges & How to Install Them

    European Style Hinges

    Many woodworkers don't like using European-style hinges on their furniture. One reason may be that they don’t look anything like “real” hinges — at all! And while that is true, I have found European-style hinges to be not only easy to use, but also forgiving in their nature.

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  8. Learn The Different Types of Screw Head Styles

    screw head types

    Ever grabbed a screwdriver in a rush and realized you picked the wrong one? If you've ever wondered why there are so many types of screw heads your not alone. One of our Woodworker's Journal readers asks this two part question

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