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  1. Video: How To Make Drawer Dividers

    Installing drawer dividers is a great way to improve the storage organization in your kitchen, workshop, or bathroom cabinets. You can purchase divider inserts, but you'll be limited to their design. A better way is to make dividers that perfectly suit your storage needs. We show you three simple ways to make wood dividers for your drawers.

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  2. Video: How To Make & Install Wood Plugs

    We demonstrate how to cover screw heads with wood plugs. You can make custom wood plugs to match any wood species using simple wood plug cutters.

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  3. Video: Make A Stopped Dado or Groove Cut With A Router Table

    A stopped dado or groove is a cut that does not run all the way through a work piece. Making stopped dado or groove cuts can be tricky because you can't see the bit. The trick is to make marks on the router table to show where the router bit is located and make marks on the work piece to show where to start or stop cutting. A technique called a drop cut is used to start the cut. A drop cut is similar to a plunge cut, but instead of plunging the bit into the work piece, the work piece is lowered onto the bit.

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  4. Video: How To Keep Router Guide Collar Tight

    A router guide collar is a useful accessory that threads onto a router base and guides the router along a pattern or template. The one safety concern with guide collars is that they can loosen and possibly fall off, causing damage to your work or maybe an injury. You can make sure that your guide collar won't loosen by using PTFE ahead tape (also called teflon tape) to wrap around the treads. You can find this special tape in the plumbing section of most hardware stores.

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  5. Video: How To Install Metal Drawer Slides

    Learn how to install metal drawer slide hardware using the Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig. This woodworking jig is the ultimate aid for installing drawer slides of almost any type, including ball-bearing or epoxy-coated side-mount slides and even center-mount slides. The jig can be clamped in place if desired, and it also features an adjustable rod that references off of the face frame rails or cabinet bottom for fast, repeatable height settings.

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  6. Video: How To Cut Dados With A Table Saw & Dado Set

    how to cut dads with a table saw and dado set video screenshot

    A dado joint is a flat bottom channel that is cut to fit the width of another piece of wood. They are perfect for supporting shelves in cabinets or dividers in boxes. We show you how to cut a dado using a table saw and stacked dado blade set.

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  7. Video: How To Align Your Table Saw Blade

    how to alight your table saw blade video screenshot

    Setting up your table saw blade to be parallel with the miter slot will make cutting smoother and easier, will help prevent burn marks, and will help reduce the chance of kick back. Learn how to check your table saw blade alignment with the miter slot and how to make corrections.

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  8. Video: How To Align Your Table Saw Fence

    how to align your table saw fence video screenshot

    Adjust your table saw fence for perfect cuts. One of the keys to making safe and accurate cuts with your table saw is to make sure the table saw fence is parallel with the miter slot and blade. Aligning your table saw blade is not difficult. Learn how to adjust your table saw fence to be parallel with the miter slot and blade.

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