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  1. Video: Woodturning with Green Wood or Dried Bowl Blanks

    shaping a green bowl blank on a lathe

    Learn how to turn bowls from green wood or seasoned wood bowl blanks.

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  2. Video: You Can Do a Lot with Bench Cookies

    bench cookie plus kit with accessories

    Bench Cookie Plus work supports feature high-friction rubber pads to hold your project rock-steady while sawing, sanding, or routing without the use of clamps.

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  3. Video: How To Make Waterfall Corner Joints

    A cabinet with waterfall corner joints features continuous grain flow around the corners of the cabinet. A waterfall miter joint is a great way to highlight wood with beautiful grain. You'll learn how to cut the miters using a large crosscut sled and how to clamp this joint with with temporary clamping cauls attached to the cabinet with hide glue.

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  4. Video: How To Make Tongue & Groove V-Groove Boards

    V-groove board is a decorative panel board similar to beadboard. It features chamfered edges that form a v-groove between each board. The v-groove creates a nice shadow line. You can purchase special router bit sets that will cut the tongue and groove joint and the v-groove in a single pass on each board, but you can also make these boards using more common router bits.

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  5. Video: How To Make Zero Clearance Throat Plate Inserts For Table Saws

    Learn how to make zero clearance throat plate inserts for you table saw.

    Learn how to make zero clearance throat plate inserts for you table saw. A zero clearance insert or throat plate is one of the best upgrades you can make to a table saw. If you’re having trouble with tear-out on the bottom edge of your table saw crosscuts, or experienced the sudden shock of a narrow piece of drop-off wedging in between the saw blade and the opening in your saw’s throat plate, then you should get a zero clearance throat plate or insert.

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  6. Video: How To Make Tongue & Groove Cabinet Doors

    You can save money by making your own cabinet doors. Learn how to make frame and panel cabinet doors using a table saw and dado blade set. With this simple system, you can build custom cabinet doors for your home.

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  7. Video: How To Make Straight Rip Cuts With Your Jigsaw

    Many people think the jigsaw is only good for making curved cuts. We show you how to use a fence and choose the right blade to make straight cuts with your jigsaw.

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  8. Video: How To Make Rip Cuts With A Table Saw

    If you need to make a board narrower, then you will likely need to make a rip cut. Rip cuts are cuts that are made in the same direction as the wood grain. The table saw is the best tool for making rip cuts. We show you how to safely set up and make rip cuts with your table saw.

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