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Skill Builder Videos

  1. Video: Routing Slots Through a Workpiece

    routing a slot with a straight router bit

    Learn how to cut a centered slot through a thick workpiece without needing an extra long router bit to extend through the entire workpiece.

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  2. Video: Creating a Smooth Wood Finish with Grain Filler

    smooth finish on a guitar base

    There are many ways to create a smooth finish on wood, but one of the easiest is to use grain filler. In this video, Rob Johnstone demonstrates how to apply grain filler to create a smoother board surface.

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  3. Video: Lathe Dust Collection System

    turning on a lathe with a dust right dust collection system

    Woodturners know that dust collection is challenge when working with a lathe. The Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection System includes several tools to help improve your lathe's dust collection.

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  4. Video: Installing Threaded Inserts in Acrylic Turning Blanks

    heating threaded insert for installation into acrylic turning blank

    A question that often comes up when turning acrylic handles is how to install the threaded insert that is included in most Rocklerturning kits into an acrylic turning blank.

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  5. Video: Parts of a Hand Plane

    showing the sole of a hand plane

    Woodworker's Journal shows you the key features to look for when shopping for a new hand plane.

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  6. Video: Benefits of Negative Rake Cutter Turning Tools

    easy wood tools negative rake cutter and an acrylic blank

    Turning tools that feature negative rake cutters make it easier to turn these hard materials. The term negative rake refers to the shape of the cutting angle of the carbide.

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  7. Video: The Perfect Work Surface

    gluing up a workpiece on top of silicone workbench mat

    Protect your work surface or projects with our project mat is made from heat-resistant, easy-to-clean silicone, meaning wet glue rinses off and dried glue peels off.

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  8. Video: Why Are Woodturning Blanks Coated in Wax?

    drying out a waxed bowl blank

    When you shop for woodturning blanks, many of them are coated in wax. Should you scrape off the wax before turning? Leave the wax on the blank?

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