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  1. Video: How To Align Your Table Saw Blade

    how to alight your table saw blade video screenshot

    Setting up your table saw blade to be parallel with the miter slot will make cutting smoother and easier, will help prevent burn marks, and will help reduce the chance of kick back. Learn how to check your table saw blade alignment with the miter slot and how to make corrections.

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  2. Video: How To Align Your Table Saw Fence

    how to align your table saw fence video screenshot

    Adjust your table saw fence for perfect cuts. One of the keys to making safe and accurate cuts with your table saw is to make sure the table saw fence is parallel with the miter slot and blade. Aligning your table saw blade is not difficult. Learn how to adjust your table saw fence to be parallel with the miter slot and blade.

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  3. Video: How To Cut Half Lap Joints With A Table Saw

    how to cut half lap joints with a table saw video screenshot

    Half-lap joints are a great way to join two pieces together. There are several ways to cut a half-lap. In this video we show you how to cut a half-lap joint using a table saw and dado set.

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  4. Video: How To Cut Cross Lap Joints

    how to cut cross lap joints video screenshot

    When you need to cut multiple cross lap joints with uniform spacing, reach for the Rockler Cross Lap Jig. Screw it to your miter gauge and use it with your table saw and a dado stack to cut the half-lap joints for anything with a wooden grid: lattice, wine racks, grilles/mullions for glass doors, and torsion boxes for your workbenches and table tops.

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  5. Video: How To Cut Tenons With A Table Saw

    how to cut tenons with a table saw video screenshot

    Learn how to cut accurate tenons using a table saw. You can use a regular saw blade or a dado set to cut the tenons for mortise and tenon joints.

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  6. Video: How To Fix & Repair Dents In Wood

    how to fix and repair dents in wood video screenshot

    One of the best ways to fix dents in woodworking projects or furniture is to use heat and steam. Apply a few drops of water to the dent and then apply heat using a scrap of cloth and an iron.

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  7. Video: How To Coil & Store Band Saw Blades

    how to coil and store band saw blades video screenshot

    The best way to store a band saw blade is in a coil, the way it came from the factory. Learn how to fold your band saw blade into a coil.

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  8. Video: How To Hand Sand Woodworking Projects

    how to hand sand woodworking projects video screenshot

    Hand sanding is one of the best ways to smooth the surface of woodworking projects. Learn everything you need to know about how to finish your woodworking projects.

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