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Woodworking Projects

  1. Wireless Speaker Kits

    The Rockler Single Wireless Speaker Kit and Rockler Stereo Speaker Kit make it easy to turn any enclosure into a wireless speaker that will connect to any Bluetooth device.

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  2. Shut the Box Game Project Plan

    shut the box game

    Shut the box is a traditional pub game, also called Canoga. The game requires a box with tiles numbers 1 to 9. Dice are thrown and the numbers are covered until all the numbers are gone or the players run out of turns. Making the box for your Shut the Box game is a fun project and a great way to show off your woodworking skills. This Shut the Box game box design features box joints. One of the best and easiest ways to form box joints is by using a router table and theRockler Box Joint Jig . This Shut the Box Game free project plan plan includes a complete list of materials, drawings and step-by-step instructions.

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  3. Entryway Storage Cabinet Project

    entryway storage cabinet project

    How to build an entryway storage cabinet for shoes, coats and other outdoor gear.

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  4. Project: Updated Miter Saw Station

    Miter saw station with storage and dust collection

    A dedicated miter saw station improves the performance of the saw and makes it much more convenient to use. This is not your typical miter saw stand.

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  5. Standing Desk Project Plan

    Sarah Listi next to standing desk

    I designed this tall table with easy workflow in mind. At 30" wide and 78"' long, its top is spacious, wherever you decide to put it to work — in your home office, as an airy kitchen island or whatever you decide. This tall table with geometric accents could easily serve as a large standing desk or a minimalist kitchen island. I wanted to incorporate some interesting geometry into my design, and hexagonal shapes appeal to me, but I also wanted to keep the project easy to build. Rockler’s Beadlock® loose tenon joinery was just the solution I needed. The Beadlock drilling jig makes it possible to assemble the mitered corners of the captured hexagons, as well as most of the other butt joints in this table build.

    Project design and plan by Sarah Listi from Tool Girl's Garage.

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  6. Project: Router Bit Cabinet with Pull-out Shelves

    Router bit cabinet with pull-out storage shelves

    With this cabinet located in plain sight on the wall, you can corral all your bits into one place, near your router table.

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  7. Project: Swing-out Panel Storage Rack

    Workshop wood storage bin

    In just under five feet of wall space, this pivoting cart can stow lots of full-size sheet goods and cutoffs. Just swing it out for easy access to either side.

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  8. Making Coasters with New Epoxy Coaster Molds

    woman holding epoxy and wood coater molds

    These wood and epoxy coasters are a perfect DIY project to use up scraps of wood you have around your shop. It's also a great opportunity to make a project with epoxy without having to purchase gallons of it. We used Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy and Rockler Silicone Coaster Casting Molds . The skills you learn on this project can be applied to making larger epoxy projects, such as river tables and deep pour projects.

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