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Woodworking Projects

  1. Project: Space Saving Miter Saw Station

    Space saving miter saw workbench

    This space-saving shop solution gives you the capacity to make cuts on your miter saw without having to choose between workshop or bench space.

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  2. How to Make a Cribbage Board

    three cribbage boards

    Cribbage is a fun card game. It's easy to make a cribbage board with the Rockler Cribbage Board Drilling Templates . The acrylic cribbage templates let you drill hundreds of neat, precisely spaced holes in just minutes—making it easy to churn out cribbage boards for gifts or personal use. Just select the wood species of your choice and attach the templates.

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  3. How to Build a Downdraft Sanding Cart

    Workshop cart for clean sanding

    Right-sized, loaded with features and ready for double-duty in your shop, this downdraft table is designed around specialty panels that hold your wood steady and protect it while sanding. The upright back and sides effectively confine the dust and direct it down into the vacuum chamber.

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  4. Project: Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

    Mobile miter saw cabinet with dust collection and storage

    Accuracy, tearout prevention, storage and dust collection are key features of this hardworking shop fixture.

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  5. Project: Mini Tabletop Workbench

    Laura Kampf using her portable workbench

    This strong and versatile Mini Tabletop Workbench provides a great mobile work surface that is sure to enhance your workshop experience.

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  6. Top 10 Handmade Gift Project Plans For 2021

    variety of handmade wood gifts

    The best gifts are handmade. Here are 10 of our favorite projects to give as gifts. These 10 free woodworking plans include a wide range of projects. Most of them can be built by a beginning woodworker. You can find even more project ideas on our Handmade Gift Guide.

    You're sure to find a project that is perfect for just about anyone on your list!

    If you have a woodworker on your holiday gift giving list, check out our Woodworking Tools Gift Guide to find the top gifts for woodworkers in 2021.
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  7. Project: Portable Tool Storage Cabinet

    Mobile workshop storage cabinet

    Moveable storage that keeps your tools organized and readily at hand.

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  8. DIY Storage Bench Project Plan

    diy storage bench plan

    How to build a storage bench with a hinged lid. This project is assembled with Rockler Beadlock floating tenons. The mortises for these tenons are easy to form with the Rockler Beadlock Pro Jig.

    This project was designed and built by Chelsea and Logan from Making Manzanita.

    Logan and Chelsea
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