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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Video: Make a Folding T-Track Table

    April Wilkerson's folding workshop table
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  2. What's the Life Span of an Air Compressor?

    Adjusting moisture draining valve on air compressor tank

    How often do you need to replace your shop air compressor?

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  3. Video: Outdoor Bench with Standing Height Table

    Chris Salomone and his bench and tabletop
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  4. April 2021 Woodworker's Journal Free Plan: Porch Swing

    Carefree summer porch swing

    A contoured seat and back, plus cup holders on each arm, make this relaxed two-seater a comfortable place to enjoy a cool drink.

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  5. Video: Reclaimed Wall Map with Epoxy Resin River and Road Inlay

    Paul Jackman shows off his epoxy inlaid road map
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  6. How to Bend Wood?

    Box for steam bending lumber

    What is the best way to bend a piece of wood without breaking it?

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  7. When is a Knife a Better Way to Mark Lines?

    A mark made on a piece of wood with a straight edge and a knife

    Why use a knife to mark wood?

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  8. Video: Kitchen Drop Leaf Table

    David Picciuto sitting at his drop leaf table
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