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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Common Table Saw Cuts

    Cutting a dovetail joint using a table saw

    The two most basic cuts that a table saw performs are rip cuts and crosscuts.

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  2. Making Drawers and Doors for Shop Stands

    shop stand with drawers and doors

    Add drawers or doors to your Rockler Rock-Steady Shop Stand. Design doors and drawers to make your shop stand the perfect tool cart, work table, or storage cabinet. We figured out the basic length and width drawer box dimensions, so all you have to do is decide how deep the drawers should be. The Drawer/Shelf Brackets and Hinge Brackets feature pre-drilled holes that match up with the pre-drilled holes in Shop Stand legs.

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  3. Creating an Enduring Finish

    Wiping food safe finish on a wooden serving bowl

    Picking the "right" finish for your most recent woodworking triumph may seem like a daunting task, given the confusing array of choices.

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  4. Table Saw Basics

    Using table saw to cut furniture parts

    Table saws are at the heart of nearly every woodworking shop.

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  5. Are Old Cabinets Worth Refacing?

    Reinstalling shelf in upper chamber of storage cabinet

    Fresh veneer can give old cabinet carcasses in good repair a welcomed facelift.

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  6. Installing Torsion Hinge Lid Supports

    Using a lid stay torsion hinge to support a chest lid

    These specialized all-in-one hinges prevent pinched fingers and hold lids open on chests or boxes.

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  7. Most Popular Wood Clamps

    five woodworking clamps

    There are some tools that just about every woodworkers needs, and clamps are at the top of that list. This is a list of the top 10 most popular and useful woodworking clamps. The best clamps for your woodworking will depend on the projects you make, but these are the clamps that will be useful in most workshops. See how many of these you have in your shop and maybe there will be a few you didn’t know you needed.

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  8. Planer and Jointer Cutterheads and Safety

    Laguna quadtech carbide insert cutterhead

    Cutterheads with carbide inserts is a relatively new technology for home-shop jointers and planers. It improves cutting quality on tricky grain, reduces noise and eases routine maintenance.

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