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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Secure Loose Knots in Imperfect Lumber

    Using cyanoacrylate glue to repair a knot in a wood panel

    Use super glue to secure loose knots and fill cracks and voids in reclaimed or "defective" lumber.

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  2. Ash: Fraxinus nigra, Fraxinus americana

    Selection of white ash boards

    Often substituted for oak, ash is easy to work, shock-resistant and affordable. It's also under continued siege.

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  3. Building a Tile-Top Plant Stand

    Making a white oak plant stand with a tile top

    Plant stands are always popular projects, and can also make great gifts.

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  4. Six Circle-Cutting Techniques

    Examples of circles cut using various tools in a workshop

    A round up of some obvious (and not so obvious) techniques for cutting a circle in a woodworking shop.

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  5. Advice for Moving a Full-size Lathe

    Using a jack to lift and move a full-size lathe

    How the heck do you move a full-size lathe into a workshop in the first place, especially if it's in a basement?

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  6. Dust Right 750 CFM Mobile Dust Collector

    dust right 750 dust collector

    The Dust Right 750 CFM Mobile Dust Collector rides on smooth-rolling casters to service all the power tools in most small shops. It features a large wire basket in the base for neatly storing your hose and nozzles, and mounting holes in the frame let you hang various Dust Right® accessories. This way, as you roll it around your shop, you'll always have the accessories you need close at hand. The dust collector comes standard with a high-quality 1-micron canister filter, which further contributes toward cleaner air in the shop. The crank-style agitator makes it easy to clean the filter—just rotate a few times to knock the dust off the sides. Plus, emptying the collector bag couldn't be easier, thanks to the convenient snap band ring. 750 CFM promises excellent suction for most any power tool.

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  7. Rockler Portable Drill Guide and Self-Centering Drill Vise

    Side view of the Rockler portable drill guide

    Two new accessories from Rockler can add portable precision to your drilling operations.

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  8. Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table

    Walnut wood slab with live edges as a coffee table

    Watch Rob Johnstone transform a slab of walnut into a coffee table, featuring a continuous live edge, ash inlay, glass panel, and metal legs.

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