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  1. Video: Making a Folding Outfeed Table For Your Table Saw

    April Wilkerson and her shop-made table saw outfeed table

    In this video, April Wilkerson upgrades her table saw with a custom-made outfeed table.

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  2. Video: Vertical Garden Headboard Piece with Mirrors

    Mirrored headboard with vertical hanging plants

    In this video, Paul Jackman made this living wall/vertical garden/green wall piece which is oversized to fit over the head of a bed.

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  3. Video: Modern Coat Rack and Storage

    Pico coat rack with shelving

    In this video, Shaun Boyd designs and builds a wall organizer and coat rack.

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  4. Video: Keepsake Box with Hidden Compartment

    Keepsake box with sliding trays and a hidden compartment

    In this video, David Picciuto builds a box that has mitered corner joinery that can easily be made on the tablesaw and is reinforced with splines.

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  5. Video: Build an Adjustable Router Flattening Sled

    Router jig for flattening wood pieces

    In this video, DIY Creators is making a homemade router sled flattening mill.

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  6. Video: Building a DIY Dining Table

    Baltic birch plywood table with custom legs

    In this video, Chris Salomone takes a deep dive into building a DIY dining table. All you'll need is a sheet of plywood, some table legs, a circular saw, drill, and sander.

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  7. Video: How to Make Kids Growth Chart Ruler

    Ruler for tracking child's growth

    In this video, April Wilkerson is making a growth chart ruler with a router and guide bushing.

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  8. Video: Making a BBQ Grilling Station

    Opening cooler stored under barbecue grill

    In this video, Michael Alm builds an outdoor BBQ grilling station with a concrete countertop.

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