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  1. Video: Making Raised Panel Doors With A Table Saw

    making raised panel doors with a table saw video screenshot

    Learn how to make a raised panel door using cuts from your standard table saw. We'll show all the small steps you'll need to make this project a breeze.

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  2. Video: Parts of a Lathe

    parts of a lathe video screenshot

    Learn the names and functions of each part of a woodworking lathe. You'll learn the answers to questions about lathes, such as: How is lathe speed controlled? How is the wood supported by the lathe? Is a heavier lathe better than a light weight lathe? What is a lathe banjo? What are the ways?

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  3. Video: How To Use Paint As A Wood Stain

    how to use paint as a wood stain video screenshot

    You can make your own custom stain color using latex paint. Turn your favorite paint color into a wood stain by thinning the paint with water.

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  4. Video: Making Curved Pieces With Bent Lamination's

    making curved pieces with bent lamination video screenshot

    A great way to make curved woodworking project parts is by laminating thin strips. Glue is applied between the wood strips and then they are clamped in a form that matches the shape of the final curve.

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  5. Video: Make Perfect Frame Miters

    making perfect frame miters video screenshot

    How to use a hand plane and a miter shooting board to make your corner miters fit perfectly. A miter shooting board, also known as a miter shoot, is simply a jig that guides your hand plane to cut perfect 45 degree miters. This is a great jig to help you make picture frames with nice tight corner miters.

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  6. Video: Sanding Bowls & Faceplate Turnings On A Lathe

    sanding bowls and faceplate turnings on a lathe video screenshot

    Learn how to sand your bowl and faceplate turning projects smooth.

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  7. Video: Table Saw Push Sticks & Push Blocks

    table saw push sticks and push blocks video screenshot

    Table saw push devices are a key piece of woodworking safety gear. Push sticks and push blocks keep your hands a safe distance away from the table saw blade. You can make your own push stick or push block out of scrap stock. You can also purchase manufactured push devices that serve multiple functions.

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  8. Video: The Parts Of A Table Saw

    the parts of a table saw video screenshot

    What are the parts of a table saw? Take a closer look at the main parts and features you will find on most table saws, including the tabletop, throat plate, blade, arbor, motor, trunnions, hand wheels, stationary base, mobile base, fence, miter gauge, guard system, riving knife, splitter, and flesh-detecting safety systems.

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